Why Men Encourage women to Do a Boudoir Shoot

Women choose to do a boudoir shoot for many personal reasons. It’s not always because they want sexy photos to share with their significant other but because there is a desire to document themselves. Body positivity leads to more confidence, which often leads to more self-love.

Boudoir shoots can be an empowering experience.

Although men are typically more visual than women when considering attraction, guys want their partners to do a session because it’s a chance to find themselves. When women feel empowered and supported, it is much easier to step outside the box to do something different.

Top Reasons Why Guys Encourage a Boudoir Shoot

1. Men Love Intelligent and Strong Women

Although there are always exceptions, guys love women who are intelligent, self-assured, and strong. That’s what they see as beautiful. When those traits get combined into one boudoir photo, it produces an intimate connection.

It’s not necessarily about what happens in the bedroom for guys, especially when in a committed relationship. The thought goes toward uplifting their partner to see the same traits in themselves that they see in her already. 

2. It Is Unapologetic

A boudoir shoot isn’t necessarily about documenting when you feel like you’re at your best. It is an unapologetic glimpse of your authenticity. For guys, beauty goes beyond what a woman puts on to get through the day. It is tracing each line and curve gently because it tells the story of her life. When you feel ten, twenty, or thirty pounds too heavy and your guy tells you – you are beautiful, he genuinely means it.

3. A Different Perspective

When life becomes about soccer practices, birthday parties, and school schedules, you can sometimes lose a little bit of what brought you together as a couple. Once that routine sets in, guys often focus on the immediate tasks that require completion instead of thinking about their relationship. 

For some guys, asking or encouraging their partner to do a boudoir shoot serves as a reminder of who they once were before all the craziness happened. It’s one part nostalgia, but another part realism. It allows them to see who you are outside of everything else that happens in the modern family environment.

4. From a Guy’s Perspective

A significant confidence gap exists between men and women today. Society can drive those feelings because a woman often worries about appearing unattractive, being disliked, grabbing too much attention, or even being more popular than others.

Guys aren’t immune from doubting themselves, but they don’t let those feelings get in the way as often as women

Boudoir photo shoots are a way for men to encourage a confidence boost. It allows women to see themselves in the same way they’re seen by guys each day, creating a moment in time that can always be pointed at that says, “This is who you are.”

5. It Is a Fun Experience

If you don’t have millions of dollars, walking into a Prada store to try on $1,500 shoes can be lots of fun. It is an event that makes you smile as a couple. Many guys love to take spontaneous moments with the people they love to create a new memory, and a boudoir photoshoot qualifies!

When men see their partners dressing up as a model would for a photoshoot, it gives them the chance to enjoy the moment. Seeing someone comfortable in their own skin, maybe for the first time, creates desirable memories they can share for a lifetime. 

Even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, guys want to brag about their wives and girlfriends to the entire world. Boudoir photo shoots help a man feel like he hit the jackpot with their current relationship.

6. It’s Hot

There’s no denying the fact that when guys see their wives or girlfriends in visually attractive images, it makes them want to be closer. The goal isn’t to share the photography with others. It reinforces the intimacy in the relationship. Like we said before men can be more visual and giving them a visual they can look at for years to come might be just the thing to keep that spark of desire burning.

Summing up: Everyone deserves to express themselves in confident and positive ways while being loved for who they are. Believing in one’s own personal strength creates ripples that positively impact others. That’s what guys hope to achieve when they encourage this empowering experience for their wives and girlfriends.

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