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Paris Boudoir Photography
Paris France Boudoir Photography

Imagine packing your bags for an exciting girls trip to Paris, London, Venice or someplace warm and sunny in the Caribbean or Mexico.
The things you would pack for this trip may shock your mother but would make your man smile from ear to ear. A beautiful corset from La Perla, a bra and panty set from Victoria’s Secret, your sexiest heels…

Boudoir Photography
Munich Germany Boudoir Photography

All of these things would be used for your private boudoir fashion shoot in one of the most amazing locations of your dreams. You would be pampered first with personal hair and makeup styling to create your sultriest look for your shoot. While you are being pampered you will have wardrobe styling to bring together your best outfit options.

Boudoir Photography
Mexico Boudoir Photography

Don’t worry about not knowing how to model or learning any poses for your session. I will show you how to pose and coach you through the session. By the end of your session you will feel like a super model and be able to rock out the sexiest of poses in a flash.

paris Boudoir Photography
Paris France Boudoir Photography

After your session you will choose your favorite images to be custom designed especially for you in a hard bound coffee table book. The book comes in many sizes so you may choose to be discreet and pick a smaller size that fits in your bedroom side table or you can go bold and choose a deluxe size to display in your living room. You better believe Claudia Schiffer has one of these beautiful albums on her coffee table so why shouldn’t you!? Trust me, when you see your images you will no doubt consider it.

Venice Boudoir Photography
Venice Italy Boudoir Photography

If you are doing the session for an anniversary or birthday present this would also make a romantic trip for you and your loved one. Maybe a trip back to your honeymoon location or someplace you both have always dreamed to travel to.

Boudoir Photography
Germany Boudoir Photography

Your session can be in a beautiful hotel room, on the beach or in front of the Eiffel tower if you choose. The options are endless.

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Munich Bavaria Boudoir Photography

Want to learn more? Or discuss a location that is special to you? Call or email me today.

Boudoir Photography
Venice Italy Fashion Boudoir Photography