Nude Boudoir Shoot vs Clothed – What’s Right For You?

“Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear”

Nude Boudoir Shoots
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Nude Boudoir Shoot vs Clothed

There are no rules when it comes to getting dressed for a boudoir photo session. You don’t have to wear clothes or be naked or topless. We want you to do whatever you feel most comfortable with. Your outfit, or lack thereof, should reflect your personality. If you feel uncomfortable, the photos will show that; on the flip side, if you feel attractive, even a typically basic outfit will come off as seductive and alluring.

Covering Up and Still Being Sexy

If you simply don’t want to let it all hang out, consider wearing something subtly sexy, like one of your guy’s button-down shirts. You’ll still be able to show off your best assets, like your cleavage or fabulous legs. Consider these provocative clothing ideas for your shoot:

  • Baby doll lingerie
  • Boy shorts
  • Bra and panty sets
  • Bustiers
  • Corsets
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Garter belts
  • Robes
  • Teddies
  • Thigh-high stockings
Clothed vs. Nude Boudoir Shoots
couture boudoir®

Creative Outfits and Costume Ideas

Think outside the box. Maybe you want to make your man’s work uniform naughty. Maybe you want to shed your good girl image by opting for lingerie in dark colors instead of your normal pastels and light hues. Or maybe you want to let your inner sexy nurse, or teacher out. (fifty shades of gray anyone?)

Your idea of desirable can be completely different from everybody else’s version of it. Plus, nobody said that just because you’re a woman, you have to love lacey fabrics and corset tops. If you feel sexiest in knee-high sweater socks or a cozy t-shirt, wear that! Just about anything can be made alluring if you feel foxy. You don’t have to become someone else just to take boudoir photos.

fifty shades of gray boudoir
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Don’t forget your accessories, including your engagement ring if you’re giving your guy boudoir images as a wedding present. Jewelry! A group of long pearl necklaces with nothing else can be ultimately sexy. Don’t like pearls, bring any type of long necklace. Also, statement pieces can bring the eye straight to your cleavage, and big chunky jewelry can add to your look. Bring along two or three different pairs of sexy heels.

long pearl necklace boudoir prop
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Deciding to Go Nude

Most of the time once you are in front of the camera and feel confident you may decide to bare it all. If you do decide to be completely nude, remember that you still don’t have to show everything off. It’s not necessary to do a full-frontal photo; a lot of the sexiness in boudoir photos comes from what’s being concealed, not what’s shown. Implied nudity is very sensual and can be achieved in many different ways. By covering up with a sheet or using props such as flowers, or a newspaper. Let your photographer be creative for the best photos.

Still, finding it hard to be photographed entirely in the buff? If you’re dead set on having a nude boudoir shoot but you just can’t seem to get comfortable with the idea at first, a little liquid courage may help. Pour a glass of wine or bubbly to help you loosen up just a smidge. That way, your photos will look natural and relaxed, not forced.

Clothed vs. Nude Boudoir Shoots
couture boudoir®

Final Thoughts…

If you’re still not 100% sure of your boudoir outfits, bring along multiple options. You don’t have to have your outfits solidified before you arrive – I will do a wardrobe consultation to help you pull different looks together from whatever you bring with you.

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