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Why Men Encourage women to Do a Boudoir Shoot

Women choose to do a boudoir shoot for many personal reasons. It’s not always because they want sexy photos to share with their significant other but because there is a desire to document themselves. Body positivity leads to more confidence, which often leads to more self-love. Boudoir shoots can be an empowering experience. Although men … Read more

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Boudoir Love Notes | We Listen

Hello Gorgeous! If you read my blog on the regular then you know I love sharing my client’s stories and feedback. Today this includes some critical feedback. Yes, I could have just deleted what I didn’t want and only shared the good bits but in being transparent I wanted to share everything. It means a … Read more

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Intimate Portraiture as Art / Charlotte NC Boudoir

Intimate Portraiture as Art Why Boudoir Will Make You Appreciate Your Body in a New Light In its appreciation of the female form, boudoir photography is inherently a thing of beauty. And, if all art is considered to be the extraction of beauty from the ordinary (or extraordinary), undoubtedly the two are related? We find … Read more

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Bridal Boudoir: A Gift Your Groom Will Love

The tradition of giving a special gift to the groom on the wedding day is not a new one, but it has evolved over time. One of the most popular gifts brides are giving their grooms these days is a bridal boudoir photoshoot. It’s a way to celebrate your love and intimacy in a tasteful … Read more