Bridal Boudoir isn’t just White and wedding veils

Let’s talk more about Bridal Boudoir. Just because it is a wedding gift does not mean you have to only wear white or make the whole session about bridal. This is a great time to bring multiple outfits in different styles and colors.

What to wear

Bring things right out of your own closet such as a see-through blouse, an oversized sweater, a thin t-shirt. And maybe a few things that belong to your guy – his favorite button-down, his football jersey, his favorite T-shirt. Anything of his you think would make for a great photo.

Yes, of course, bring your wedding lingerie, your bridal heels, and jewelry but don’t forget to mix things up and bring some sexy outfits that will blow him away. This will make your photo album diverse and have a lot of variety.

If you aren’t wearing lingerie under your wedding dress then bring what you plan to wear on your wedding night. Some other ideas include bringing a variety of white/cream lingerie such as a bustier and/or corset. White/cream garter belt and thigh highs.

Not everything you bring needs to be bridal. Bring a variety of colors and styles of lingerie to mix it up. Your album can start with your bridal look and end with your other style of lingerie.

Prep for your session

Once you book with me I will send you my Beauty Guide – it is filled with ideas on what to wear and how to prepare for your photoshoot. In the meantime check out my Boudoir Pinterest boards for lots of inspiration on lingerie and what to wear.

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Pampering experience

As you plan your wedding, you will undoubtedly experience some stressful moments. Bridal boudoir photoshoots can be a pampering experience and a stress reliever, allowing you to treat yourself before your big day.

The entire process of preparing for your photoshoot will help you unwind, as you will get to dress up in your most beautiful lingerie and be pampered as your hair and makeup are done. Add a glass of champagne to the experience, and you will have a true pre-wedding self-care day.

Bridal boudoir photoshoots also relieve stress because they are fun and exciting. A boudoir photo session is a unique opportunity to focus solely on yourself and feel beautiful. Boudoir is a great way to forget about all the wedding day planning and just focus on yourself for the day.

My Bridal boudoir is tasteful magazine-style photography. Looking for the perfect groom’s gift? Book your bridal boudoir session today. It is a gift he will never forget.

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