Getting the Real Picture | Boudoir Photography

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
― Marilyn Monroe

Here’s a little secret: you’ve probably had the wrong people taking photos of you your whole life. No, we’re not just saying that to make you feel better or throw shade; it’s just a simple (and very welcome!) fact of photography.

Plus, how often do you step into your favorite lingerie and throw a photoshoot? Combine both novelties and what you have is the real you, undistorted by society’s lens or any questionable angle choices! Boudoir photography is all heart.

Feeling Sensual, Sexy, Beautiful, Confident
(and all at once!)

While every boudoir session is different and caters to each woman’s level of comfort and ease – she is still the center of attention. It’s truly her moment in the spotlight, having every single part of her admired, and loved by the camera – and that’s all before she even sees the final result!

The first and foremost reason why women choose boudoir is to see themselves in a whole new light. Society is always trying to subdue women’s innate desires and wishes to express themselves sensually. Boudoir photos offer an opportunity to unleash all those wishes and truly feel like yourself and feel comfortable in your skin. 

You can stop caring about what the world thinks and instead focus on how beautiful you are. Give yourself the chance to experience a boudoir session and see how it will change your mindset about your perceived flaws. We are willing to bet, the flaws you think you have are nothing or not there at all.

Taking the leap

As much as we write about the importance of boudoir photo sessions, you will only be able to comprehend its POWER when you experience a shoot yourself. The entire session feels like a dream. A day of pampering, wearing your loveliest lingerie, getting glammed up with hair and make-up, and discovering sides of yourself you had no idea existed— it is all worth the effort and investment. Try it for yourself, and you will know!

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About Couture Boudoir

Critsey Rowe, Couture Boudoir’s photographer, is an experienced, internationally published, and respected boudoir photographer who has dedicated her career to helping women feel comfortable and beautiful. With the help of female-only assistants and stylists, Critsey celebrates the uniqueness and intimate beauty of every client and takes truly flattering, tasteful, and gorgeous boudoir photographs.