Five reasons why I do not offer a boudoir lingerie closet

Boudoir photo sessions are the most amazing way to celebrate your body and empower your being! More and more boudoir studios are popping up and many offer a lingerie closet. I often get asked if I offer lingerie and the answer is a hard no and here is why: 

  1. The biggest reason I do not offer a lingerie closet is for sanitary reasons. Let’s be honest here, would you feel comfortable and sexy not knowing if the lingerie you are wearing has been properly cleaned? It’s that ew factor that makes me cringe just thinking about it.
  2. Lingerie is very personal and having your own items to wear is going to empower you all that much more while being photographed. There is something to be said about being confident and looking great in what you are wearing.
  3. Clothing that is too tight or too loose will not photograph well and is hard to photoshop. I don’t want you to not pick some of your beautiful photos because the lingerie is ill-fitted. Read more here on how to find your body shape: Lingerie for your body type.
  4. I photograph hundreds of women a year who are all shapes and sizes. Every body is made differently and not all lingerie works for each body type. I prefer my clients bring their own lingerie because you know what looks best on your body shape. This is why I cannot stress enough that you try everything on to be sure it fits and makes you feel sexy!
  5. Another reason I feel is important to mention, when you give your significant other your photos they may want you to put on some of the sexy lingerie you are wearing in those images. If you do not own this lingerie it would seem awkward to explain you borrowed lingerie that other people have worn. I won’t even get into “are these items really cleaned in between shoots…”

To break it down, I do not offer lingerie to my clients to wear for their photo sessions. However, I know you have enough beautiful things already in your closet for your photoshoot. I have many blog posts on what to wear so be sure to search my blog on that topic. In the meantime, not everything has to be lingerie so I will provide a list below…

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Let’s talk about ideas on what to bring to your boudoir photoshoot and most of these are items you probably already own. There are so many options. 

  • Bra and panty set 
  • Push up bra and high waisted panty
  • Lace Bralette and panty 
  • Chemise or teddy
  • Babydoll
  • Bustier
  • Corset
  • Camisole
  • Bodysuit 
  • Waist cincher
  • Garter belt
  • Suspender belt
  • Romper
  • Thong panty
  • G-string panty
  • Cheeky panty
  • Boy short underwear
  • Halter top lingerie
  • Scrappy panty (avoid the v front scrappy panty – trust me)
  • Lace or silk robe (long, midi or mini)
  • Long sheer robe
  • Button-down shirt (can be his) 
  • Flannel shirt (his or yours)
  • Crop top 
  • Lace blouse
  • Sheer blouse
  • Form-fitting T-shirt
  • Oversize T-shirt
  • Sports jersey (can be his or yours)
  • Oversize sweater
  • Fitted sweater
  • Tube top
  • Off the shoulders top
  • Fitted tank top
  • Leather jacket 
  • Jean jacket
  • Furr jacket
  • Furr vest
  • Fitted vest
  • Bolero
  • Fitted button-up sweater
  • Jeans or silk dress pants
  • Sexy dress (long or short)
  • Long skirt slip with bra
  • Full body slip
  • Thigh highs
  • Pantyhose 
  • Fishnets (thigh highs or pantyhose)
  • Thigh-high socks
  • Half corset bra
  • Strappy lingerie
  • Nightgown (long or short)
  • Silk PJs

Now that you have the list go shop your closet! You may be surprised at how many outfits you already have and do not need to go spend a lot of extra money…unless you want to of course! Be sure to try everything on. Make sure all the items you bring to your shoot fit you well. Oversized shirts work but too tight panties do not! Only bring outfits you feel confident and sexy in. If you try something on and it doesn’t make you feel all the vibes then leave that one behind. Upon booking with me you will receive my exclusive Beauty Prep Guide that has lots of information including ideas on what to bring.