Ideas on what to wear for boudoir photoshoot

I am often asked for ideas on what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot? Well, let me tell you there are many great items you can choose right out of your own closet. Not every item needs to be lingerie.

Choose at least one bra and panty set. Be sure to try on items to make sure they have a proper fit before your session. If you are like me you may still have some lingerie from years ago that you just have not thrown out because it is still perfectly good…however, since I have not worn it since 2015 it may not fit me now. PRO TIP: My best advice is to try everything on because it could be too big or too small.

Simple bra and panty sets are great and so are strappy complicated nighties. Bralettes are super cute paired with a string panty. The more variety in your lingerie the more photo choices you will have. PRO TIP: If you are a B or smaller find a bra that has lace around the top of the cup. It will make you look a whole size bigger in photos. Can’t find one? You can sew lace in yourself.

Bring something that belongs to your guy. One of his button-up shirts and/or his tie. If you or your guy are sports fans bring a sports jersey with some knee-high socks. You could even take it a step further and order his favorite team jersey with your name on it or the words sexy. Be creative. The more you put into it, the more he will be blown away.

Have fun with your outfit choices and jewelry. (yes, don’t forget jewelry, more on that in a minute) You can choose bright colors and even be super wild by wearing mismatched bras and panties. Wear your favorite pair of cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat or if you think your guy would love you in a nurse’s outfit – go for it! Try out something totally off the wall and fun! It can make for a fun and creative photo. PRO TIP: Only choose outfits that make you feel confident and sexy. If you would feel awkward wearing a costume then don’t bring it.

Look through your closet for a see-through or lace blouse, a soft sweater you can pull off your shoulders, a vest or sleeveless sweater. A tank or t-shirt can be sexier than you think – solid colors or with your favorite quote. Any unique or lace cropped tops can be cute with panties too.

Bustiers are a great way to create curves and enhance cleavage. If you are smaller than a C cup is sure to bring the kind of bustier that has built-in cups. (usually, a corset does not have cups but I have seen a few bustiers without cups too) The bustiers without can make you look flat-chested and we don’t want that! For the ladies with large Ta-Ta’s you may want to experiment with which will work best for your girls. PRO TIP: Every BODY is shaped differently so my biggest tip is to try different styles of bustiers and corsets until you find the one that works best for your body type.

A trench coat with sexy high heels can be oh so mysterious. Don’t forget to look through your coat closet. If you have a form-fitting sexy coat bring it along. You know he fantasizes about you showing up to his office in nothing but a coat and heels all while he pretends to be James Bond. Oh wait, maybe that is every woman’s fantasy. PRO TIP: Jean jacket, leather jacket, or blazer can also be great for a photo opt.

Sheer strappy lingerie is all the rage this year and is not only sexy but can be super-steamy for photos. If you do not already own one be sure to purchase one for your shoot. Off the shoulders, blouses are also en vogue and will look great with a thong panty.

Almost every woman brings fishnets and/or thigh highs to her session. Oh, and did I mention garters can be a sexy little add-on to any panty and bra set? Yes, they can! Be sure to bring at least one pair of closed-toe heels to wear with your stockings. PRO TIP: My number one suggestion is if you plan to wear them with a garter belt, buy the kind without the plastic stay-ups. If you plan to not wear a garter then the plastic stay-ups are a must.

Many women come to their shoot with almost all black lingerie…snooze…Bring color!! The more variety the better. Red is always pretty damn hot. Honestly, any color pop is fantastic! Bring a variety.

Don’t forget jewelry A statement necklace can be cool for a few images and  Bring a few choices in earrings and rings as well. Long necklaces make for great props and short colorful pieces can add drama.

And most of all don’t forget to bring some killer high heels! Nude heels can go with many outfit choices. Black heels are a staple. However, anything strappy, studded, or with bling is a must bring. The higher the better. Try to stay away from platform and wedges for your shoot.

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Summing up…

There you have it, what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot in a nutshell. However, if you still need more ideas check out the links below!



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