50 best boudoir photography wardrobe ideas check list

Here are 50 of the best boudoir wardrobe ideas for your photo shoot. I am listing the things right out of your closet first. I am also keeping this simple so you can use this as a check off list. At the bottom is a link to my Pinterest with thousands of boudoir photos pinned to give you visuals. My boards are organized so you may easily find the type of wardrobe inspiration you are looking for. Whether you are looking for modest, bridal, curvy or steamy boudoir wardrobe ideas you will find it on my Pinterest!

  1. Button down shirt (can be his) 
  2. Flannel shirt 
  3. Crop top 
  4. Lace blouse
  5. Sheer blouse
  6. Form fitting T-shirt
  7. Over size T-shirt
  8. Sports jersey
  9. Oversize sweater
  10. Tube top
  11. Off the shoulders top
  12. Fitted tank top
  13. Leather jacket 
  14. Jean jacket
  15. Furr jacket
  16. Furr vest
  17. Fitted vest
  18. Bolero
  19. Fitted button up sweater
  20. Jeans or silk dress pants
  21. Sexy dress (long or short)
  22. Long skirt slip with bra
  23. Full body slip
  24. Long robe (lace or silk)
  25. Short robe
  26. Bustier
  27. Corset
  28. Thigh highs
  29. Pantyhose 
  30. Fish nets (thigh highs or pantyhose)
  31. Thigh high socks
  32. Garter belt
  33. Body suit
  34. Bra and panty set
  35. Lace bralette
  36. Push up bra
  37. Half corset bra
  38. Teddy
  39. Strappy lingerie
  40. Lace full bodysuit
  41. Nightgown (long or short)
  42. PJs
  43. Baby doll lingerie
  44. Romper lingerie
  45. High waist panty
  46. Thong panty
  47. Cheeky panty
  48. Boy short underwear
  49. G-string underwear
  50. Halter top lingerie

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