Boudoir session tip for heels 

What to wear for your boudoir shoot tips and tricks edition!

This is something not many women really think of but have you ever really looked at the bottom of your ever so sexy Christian Louboutins or your Jimmy Choos? Or maybe you are a Nine West girl. Same situation. Take a peek at the bottom of your heels and if they are not photo-ready then you may want to clean them or get creative with making them look pristine for their photo appearance.

I am not saying you need to run out and buy all new heels but be sure to bring your best-kept shoes for your photoshoot. Retouching the bottom may be an additional charge by your photographer.

There are a few options besides buying new heels. Visit your local Shoe Cobbler to have your soles replaced or repaired. A Shoe Cobbler can even repair those iconic red soles of your Christian Louboutins. If this is out of your budget then consider doing a little DIY painting or glittering to the soles of your favorite sexy heels. You can find many tutorials on how to do this by Googling or looking on Pinterest.

Another option is borrowing a pair from a friend to use for your boudoir photoshoot. We all have one of those friends that may be a little shoe obsessed. (Hi!) So go check out their closet and borrow something sexy. If they are a little too big or a little too small it will not be a problem since you are just wearing them for the photos.

And finally, why not go out and splurge on a pair of sexy stilettos and treat yourself! Pick something classic you can wear for years to come.

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