Do you offer a modest boudoir photoshoot?

Do you offer a modest boudoir photoshoot?

Yes! Of course! Every client has a different level of modesty. Some clients come in and want a very classy and modest boudoir photoshoot. While others come in and wish to have a sultry and steamy boudoir photoshoot. I can usually totally judge how the boudoir photoshoot will go by the lingerie that you will bring with you for your photo session.

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However, I will go over all of these details with you previous to your shoot. I will ask you questions about how much skin you want to show or not show. I want to get to know your modesty level to make you feel the most comfortable during your session. You will have a personalized wardrobe consultation while you are being pampered by my professional hair and makeup stylist. As I said previously, I usually know right away someone’s modesty level by the outfits that they bring.

Even if you’re super shy and modest you can still rock a boudoir photoshoot and look sensual and sexy without showing much skin at all. I have a Pinterest board that is full of clothing ideas for a modest boudoir session. Here is a LINK.

There are so many great options to what to wear that will keep your boudoir session modest but still sensual and beautiful. My number one goal is for you to love your photos and how you feel portrayed will result in just this! I can guarantee you will be smitten with your photos. 

If you are still nervous about doing a boudoir session let me tell you about my beauty shoots.

Have you ever flipped through Elle or Glamour magazine? And while doing so saw a gorgeous model in a stunning dress and thought I wish I had a photo like that. You can! Book a beauty shoot with me I will show you how to pose and give you some of the most amazing, jaw-dropping images of yourself! You will feel like a supermodel!

A beauty shoot is similar to a boudoir session however instead of wearing lingerie you wear beautiful dresses or fashion. These can be taken in a bedroom, in a beautiful hotel lobby, or an urban setting, or maybe on a mountaintop. The choices are endless. This type of session is still beautiful and sensual but it is the most modest you can get all while getting gorgeous photos that will empower you and show you just how amazing you truly are!

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