{Frequently asked questions}

Do you offer on location hair and makeup?
My packages include a professional hair and make-up artist. Know that your hair and make-up are as important to me as they are to you. My professional H&MUA will talk to you about a look that is just right for your photographs. We want you to love the way you look, whether it’s a “natural” or “dramatic” look.

I do not look like the women on your website. Is a shoot for me?
Yes! The women you see on my website are just everyday women and are not models. My photo shoots are for every woman, every shape, size, color, age and etc… You are beautiful just the way you are and I want to prove it.

Do I provide lingerie for the shoot?
It is best for you to bring items of your own because they will fit you best. I will give you a suggested list of items to bring. You should bring more items than we will use so I can do a wardrobe consultation with you to choose the best outfits for the session.

Do you shoot in studio or on Location? And is the location fee included?
I shoot all on location. It makes my photography stand out above the rest and gives you a huge variety in looks. What you see in my galleries is all photographed at hotels, beautiful private properties and other select locations. The location fee is included in the package price.

Are you the photographer? Will any men be present?
I am a female photographer, and my stylist is also a woman. And no men will be present. I hear from a lot of clients the first question their significant other asks is “who took these?!” Whew! You can say a female photographer did.

I do not know how to pose. Will you help with that?
I will show you all the sexy poses, so don’t worry about “modeling.” I know this kind of shoot can be intimidating, but I promise it will be fun and easy. By the end of the shoot you will feel like a celebrity. All of the women on my website are real clients not models so you can see the transformation of girl next door to sexy vixen.

Will my photos be on your website?
I do not share any client images without written permission. I understand some women have careers or community commitments that keep them from being able to share images. I respect your privacy and will only share images if you wish.

Can I bring a friend for support?
Of course! You are welcome to bring a friend for support and to cheer you on.

Do you retouch the images?
Yes, retouching is included. At the session I will show you a demo on my iPad of what retouching is about. Basic retouching is included; stuff like cellulite, blemishes and skin smoothing is included. Extensive retouching, such as Photoshop magic to make you lose 20 pounds, is an additional charge because of how much time it takes. If you have a specific retouching question please email me and I will be happy to answer it for you.

How long does the session take?
The session takes about three hours. I know, it sounds long but time flies by!

Do you provide Champagne or alcohol to calm my nerves?
Unfortunately, my insurance does not allow me to serve alcohol. Also, state laws prohibit a business to serve alcohol without a license. But you are welcome to bring alcohol with you. We can use it as a photo prop too.

What should I wear?
I have a BEAUTY GUIDE I will send to you upon booking. It includes many great tips and wardrobe suggestions for your session, plus it answers questions you may have not thought of. For most women this is a once in a lifetime photo shoot,  Why not choose the best – Couture Boudoir!

Some places I recommend for intimate apparel:

Agent Provocateur (US)
Honey Birdette
Edge o’ Beyond
La Petite Coquette
Luxury French Lingerie
Victoria Secret
Bare Nessities
Fredrick’s of Hollywood
Kiss Me Deadly
Kiki de Montparnasse
Secrets in Lace

Harlow And Fox
Hips and Curves
Curvy Couture
Bella Bella Boutique
In The Mood
Kiss Me Deadly
Secrets in Lace

Be sure to check out all the great boutique lingerie shops on Etsy for unique and couture pieces.




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