Elevated self-worth; the Unexpected Side Effect of a Boudoir Session

Pulling any amount of layers is daunting. Be it in clothing or emotionally – being wholly exposed is the stuff of cold sweats. 

Yet, boudoir trades on that very premise. So, why do women keep going back while encouraging new recruits to try a boudoir session of their own? 

Simple – it’s a feel-good activity that lasts. Women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life enter boudoir sessions and leave walking on air, with their mood as elevated as their newfound elevated self-worth.

So, what mysterious forces are at work behind the walls of boudoir studios? How can exposing all of your flaws and capturing them forever possibly feel good and boost your self-esteem? We answer all your what, whys, and hows below.

It’s all about you

When we think of photoshoots, our minds might wander to high fashion and, thus – high pressure. But, the ambiance couldn’t be any more different in boudoir. Everything is done on your terms. From what you want to wear to how you want to pose, it’s all you. Boudoir photographers are famously easy-going, instilling an appreciation of the female form into every session while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. 

Body positivity

Elevating your body image is integral to self-confidence. In boudoir, every curve, dent, and dimple is appreciated and admired as it should be. A natural knock-on effect is women feeling more comfortable in their skin, and as a result, enjoying elevated self-worth.

Confronting your worries

Shedding layers for the camera is a courageous and vulnerable way to minimize your insecurities. Staring down your imperfections can be a great way to get to know them and eventually appreciate them as part of what makes you the fabulous woman you are. 

With each snap, you say, “I see you, I embrace you” to all those paint spots. And, in doing so, you take your power back. What’s more, in seeing your body from all angles, you’re reminded that it’s strong and capable. That every imperfection tells a story and is a clear sign that you have lived. Think of it like ripping back the bandaid – you always feel better after.


When you do boudoir, you join a long list of women who’ve also faced their fears, taken the leap, and done something for themselves. Just as they have, you too will recognize your fearlessness and strength. 

A Reminder

We mentioned early that most women take a trip to cloud 9 post-boudoir sessions. So surely they have to come back to earth sometime? Nope! When you have a visual reminder of why you’re feeling great that can be taken with you anywhere (even framed and poised above the fireplace!), you never have to experience a comedown. The after-effects of a boudoir session are forever if you want them to be. Each photo works as a reminder of how beautiful, brave, bold, and utterly flawlessly you always are.

And last but by no means least

It’s fun! And, when you’re enjoying yourself, you’re usually feeling your best. But, that also just tends to be when we feel most open and accepting of change. If the thought “hey! I can’t believe I’m doing this, I feel amazing” happened to cross our minds – in the heat of the moment – we’re liable to believe it. 

If you’re now asking, why doesn’t every woman book a boudoir session right this instant and start a self-esteem revolution? It’s a mystery we’ve been grappling with for years! But, the best place to start with change is always with yourself. So, why not take the leap and book your boudoir session today? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, including a mountain of self-esteem!

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Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir is an experienced, internationally published, and highly regarded boudoir photographer who has dedicated her career to helping women feel confident and beautiful. With the help of female-only hair and makeup stylists, Critsey creates a zen environment for her boudoir sessions. She celebrates the uniqueness and intimate beauty of every client and takes truly flattering, tasteful, and gorgeous boudoir photographs.