Bridal boudoir what to wear

Are you planning to give your groom a sexy little gift on your wedding night? A bridal boudoir is the perfect groom’s gift! He will definitely be smitten! Here are six tips on what to wear for your bridal boudoir photoshoot:

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1. Wedding Veil

Your wedding veil will make for some very sexy photos. Whether you match it up with lingerie or bare it all underneath, this is a must-have on your boudoir portrait day. If you don’t have your veil yet I have several different styles to choose from you may borrow for your photoshoot with me.

2. Your wedding shoes

I mean really who wouldn’t want to wear their wedding heels as much as possible?

3. Wedding dress accessories

Wedding accessories such as your sash, headpiece, jewelry, garter, and undies. Anything bridal is a great idea!

4. His wedding band

This can make for some really sweet photo opts plus he would never expect it.

5. His wedding shirt and tie

If he is renting his tux or suit drop by the rental and ask to borrow the same items for your photoshoot.

6. Bonus tip

Bring a bouquet, this makes for a great prop for sexy photos. Usually, your florist can make a smaller version of your wedding day bouquet for a fraction of the cost. Or you can bring a store-bought bouquet.

Final thoughts…

Not everything needs to be wedding-related. Be sure to bring your other lingerie as well. Need tips on that too. Check out this article: Ideas on what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot.

There you have it, what to wear for a boudoir photoshoot in a nutshell. However, if you still need more ideas check out the links below!



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