What is tasteful nudity in boudoir?

What is tasteful nudity?

Nudity is a highly provocative subject, and in more ways than just one. Views on nudity vary widely around the globe, with some cultures shunning it entirely and others taking a more laid-back approach.

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However, permeating throughout the centuries, there seems to be one concept of nudity that everyone can agree on. That is, it can be tasteful. But as is expected with such a contentious topic, the word tasteful comes loaded with variation and debate when attached to nudity.

And today, we’re going to cut through the noise and get directly to the heart of what tasteful nudity means.

So, what exactly is tasteful nudity?

To begin with, we’ll have to get to the bottom of ‘taste.’ The idea of taste lies somewhere between edginess and elegance. It’s acknowledging that something could’ve veered into lewdness but has been curbed intentionally, resulting in sophistication and style.

What are some examples of tasteful nudity?

So intriguing is this phenomenon when applied to nudity that it’s been used in art throughout the ages. The appreciation of the human form doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, and sculptures such as Michelangelo’s David make that abundantly clear. The same can be seen for the female form in Botticelli’s Birth of Venus. Nudity is not the central focus of either masterpiece. Instead, the artful side of the human form is brought forth and spotlighted.

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What makes something tastefully nude?

While not strictly necessary, a commonly used method for rendering nudity tasteful is to decorate backgrounds or include props. This strategy can be seen most keenly in boudoir photography, where the essence and sexuality of a woman are appreciated as one of the same thing. A woman can be tastefully seductive, alluring, and even evocative within a boudoir studio without losing taste. This effect is mainly in part to the intention of the boudoir photographer alongside elegant backdrops and a series of elegant poses. The result is not entirely desexualized, nor is it lacking in evocation. Instead, it acknowledges the attraction bodies with the utmost respect.

What’s more, any objectification is removed from tasteful nudity, encouraging the onlooker to view the person as a whole rather than focusing solely on their anatomy. As a result, some people argue that to be tasteful, nudity must be depicted as empowering in some form. To others, taste only arises when there’s some ‘detachment.’ But where is tasteful nudity seen the most and perfected?

Of course … the French

Tasteful nudity is an art that the French have mastered with ease. There, nudity is treated with a certain blasé ease, often seen in media without taboo connotations. Along this thread, baring all is a casual affair that’s one of the most natural things in the world.

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Finally … 

In a nutshell, tasteful nudity portrays the beauty of the human form whose primary intention is not to cause arousal or scandalize. Instead, the human form is shown to be attractive, elegant, and something to be marveled at and revered. While the art of tasteful nudity has been somewhat lost in our modern-day world, it’s being reclaimed by certain movements, most notably boudoir.

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