Top 20 items to wear for boudoir photos

Are you preparing for your shoot and curious about what to wear for boudoir photos? Here is a list of 20 popular items including links to where to find them. Or you can shop your closet to find similar items. Be creative when choosing your boudoir wardrobe. You do not need to wear the same old boring lingerie sets. Layering is also a great way to change the look.

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What to wear for boudoir photos

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Long Lace Slip Dress

There’s something so sophisticated about a slip dress made from intricate lace with long sleeves. This boudoir outfit idea is classy, dressy, minimal, and perfectly sultry.

wear for boudoir photos long lace slip dress
couture boudoir®

Classic bathrobe

This unexpected look gives that just-rolled-out-of-bed tousled yet sexy look and it’s a great option for a boudoir session. We can even throw in a towel for that just got out of the shower look. A classic bathrobe is simple yet sexy.

classic bathrobe for boudoir
couture boudoir®

Lace bodysuit

This outfit option is so classic, beautiful, and sleek. If you don’t love the idea of baring your midsection a bodysuit will provide you the coverage you desire while still creating an incredibly sexy look.

wear for boudoir photos lace body suit boudoir outfit
couture boudoir®

Oversized sweater or cardigan

I absolutely love this boudoir outfit idea. Choose simple lacy panties and a bra and put an oversized knit sweater or cardigan over top for a draped, cozy look that is soft, feminine, and super sexy.

what to wear for boudoir photos oversized sweater boudoir outfit
couture boudoir®

Bustiers and Corsets

Bustiers are a great way to create curves and enhance cleavage. If you are smaller than a C cup is sure to bring the kind of bustier that has built-in cups. Usually, a corset does not have cups but I have seen a few bustiers without cups too. Bustiers without cups can make you look flat-chested and we don’t want that! For the ladies with large Ta-Ta’s, you may want to experiment with which will work best for you. 

what to wear for boudoir photos corset bustier for boudoir shoot
couture boudoir®

Black lace bra & panties set

This classic, sexy look is a perfect boudoir outfit idea…it’s like the “little black dress” of boudoir. You can find so many variations of black lace lingerie and go with a set that feels best on your body. A one-piece, two-piece, or three-piece set like the one pictured will give you that serious va-va-voom.

black lace lingerie set for boudoir
couture boudoir®

Logo ‘graphic’ tee

A boudoir photo shoot does not have to be fancy. using a graphic tee for some carefree natural shots can add a little sweetness to your shoot. Often the most casual, natural photos are the sexiest. Like the bathrobe, this is a curated just-rolled-out-of-bed look that goes perfectly with tousled hair, and natural makeup.

logo tee for boudoir
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White button-up shirt

Another version of the white top with a ‘Risky Business’ vibe is a classic oversized white button-up shirt over the top of a dainty lace lingerie set. This look is super sexy and gives you the ability to cover more or show more, depending on your mood.

white button up shirt for boudoir photo shoot
couture boudoir®

Pair of jeans…and nothing else

Throw on your favorite pair of denim and you’re set. There’s something unexpected and yet still super attractive about this simple boudoir outfit idea. It’s casual but playful and perfect for a laid-back boudoir shoot.

jeans for boudoir shoot what to wear
couture boudoir®

Kimono robe

A pretty kimono robe with a matching bra and panty set is a beautiful feminine choice for a boudoir photoshoot. It can be fun and flirty and add movement to your photos.

kimono robe for boudoir shoot
couture boudoir®

Leather or jean jacket

A classic black leather jacket or a classic jean jacket over top of a lace set or topless with a pair of sexy panties is another unexpected but super sultry look. It brings in an edgy vibe and is perfect if the soft and feminine look is a little too bland for your personal style.

jean jacket for boudoir
couture boudoir®

White sheet

A white sheet with nothing underneath is super sexy but still modest and classy. You can show as much or as little as you prefer.

nothing but shots for boudoir
couture boudoir®

Long sheer robe

Anything sheer is the sexiest fabric you can dream of and wearing a long sheer robe just makes the look even more steamy than you can imagine. 

long sheer robe what to wear boudoir
couture boudoir®

Color pop

Go bold and use colors that are unexpected. Neons or color blocking can look really cool. There are so many options with this idea. This can be strictly lingerie or add in a few everyday clothing pieces to create a color pop. 

color pop for boudoir

Sheer blouse

A see-through blouse can be mysterious and steamy. Choose a thin fabric or wide weave knit that looks sheer to the eye. 

sheer blouse for women for boudoir
couture boudoir®

Full-body shapewear

This is one outfit so many people never consider but oh emm gee this one can be super sexy! And the bonus of shapewear is that it will make your silhouette look stunning. Throw in some statement jewelry for extra glam!

full body shape wear
couture boudoir®

Fishnet Thigh highs

Every single woman should own a pair of fishnet thigh highs and wear them when they want to feel sexy, naughty, and mysterious. They will take your shoot to the next level.

fish net thigh highs
couture boudoir®

Romber Lingerie

Romper lingerie can add a sweet sexiness to your photos. They can be made of lace or thin fabric and each has its own vibe so choose which makes you feel powerful.

romper lingerie what to wear boudoir
couture boudoir®

Trench coat

A trench coat with sexy high heels can be oh-so mysterious. You know he fantasizes about you showing up to his office in nothing but a coat and heels all while he pretends to be James Bond. Oh, wait, maybe that is every woman’s fantasy.

trench coat for boudoir shoot
couture boudoir®

Birthday Suit

Going nude can be exhilarating and why not show off that body? By the end of your session, you will feel so empowered you will be ready to cut loose and bare it all! Tastefully of course!

birthday suit implied nude tasteful.
couture boudoir®

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