The Rise of Boudoir Photoshoots for Women Over 40

Boudoir photography is a style of photography that focuses on capturing intimate and romantic images of women, usually in their lingerie or other intimate attire. The concept of boudoir photography has been around for many years, but it is only recently that women in their 40s and 50s are starting to embrace it. This article aims to explore why this is the case and what these women hope to gain from these photoshoots. Let’s dive into why women are opting for boudoir photoshoots over 40.

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boudoir photoshoots over 40
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Body Confidence

Many women over 40 struggle with body confidence, especially after having children and experiencing hormonal changes. Hello, menopause! Boudoir photography provides a safe space for women to celebrate their bodies and feel empowered. During the photoshoot, we will work with you to create images that highlight your unique features and help you see your body in a positive light.

Self-Care and Empowerment

For many women, boudoir photoshoots are a form of self-care. They take time to focus on themselves and their bodies, something that is often neglected in our busy lives. This self-care is not just about physical appearance, but also about mental and emotional well-being. Boudoir photography allows women to embrace their sexuality and feel comfortable in their own skin. This self-confidence and empowerment can spill over into other areas of their lives and lead to increased feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

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Gift for Significant Other

Many women choose to do boudoir photoshoots as a gift for their significant other. They want to show their partners how beautiful and confident they are, and that they are still as desirable as they were when they were younger. This can be especially important for women who have been in long-term relationships, as it can help reignite the spark and bring a new level of intimacy to the relationship.

Memorializing a Time in Life

Women in their 40s and 50s are often at a stage in their lives where they are looking back and reflecting on all they have accomplished. Boudoir photoshoots allow them to memorialize this time in their lives and celebrate their bodies, which have carried them through so many ups and downs. This can be a particularly meaningful experience for women who have overcome obstacles or faced challenges, as it provides a way for them to celebrate their strength and resilience.


Boudoir photography is an increasingly popular choice for women 40+. It provides a safe space for them to celebrate their bodies, feel empowered, and focus on self-care. Whether they are doing it as a gift for their partner, to memorialize a time in their lives, or simply to celebrate themselves, boudoir photoshoots are a way for these women to feel confident, beautiful, and desirable. As women age, they often face new challenges, but boudoir photography provides a way for them to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin.

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