Boudoir Is Not Just Self-Care – It Is Soul Care

Self-care is a necessity for living your best life. Without it, even just one bubble bath a week, you may find yourself feeling less than – well – you. And in today’s world that expects so much of our physical and mental energy, being anything less than you just won’t do (rhyme intended.)

boudoir is self care
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However, it’s not always enough to focus on the body and mind; sometimes, we have to dig deeper. For those days, weeks, months, and years (sometimes lifetimes,) a self-care routine that’s a little more extreme is needed. Or just one act of self-care that lasts a lifetime. We could only be talking about …

Boudoir as self-care

But first, what we’re talking about here is something that reaches deep inside and turns the dial of your soul up. The flip switches, your inner light turns on, and your positive energy flows easily. In a couple fewer words – your soul has been deeply nourished, enjoying a deep cleanse and reawakening that sets you up for a long time to come.

How does boudoir achieve this incredible soul nourishing effect?

First of all, by telling you that …

You are worthy and deserving

When you decide to do boudoir, you’re thinking of yourself. When you book the session, you’re taking control and being proactive about your life. And finally, when you take part in your own personal photoshoot, you’re putting yourself first.

What better way to remind yourself that you’re fundamentally important and more than worthy of your own and others’ respect and attention? The simple act of taking part in boudoir is a soul-affirming achievement, reminding you that your soul stands equally among many, shining just as bright.

Feel beautiful and confident

If you’re nervous about taking part in boudoir, join the “nervous before, exhilarated during, and elated after” club. Nothing satisfies the soul (or self-esteem) quite like overcoming your fears and gaining a lifelong souvenir of having done so. And, of course, that means you’ve been daring and brave – the perfect recipe for lasting confidence!

But to get down to the nitty-gritty of it, the world at large tries its best to convince us all day long that our “pain spots” are to be gotten rid of. That they’re not just a part of our bodies but also reflect on who we are as people. Boudoir says ‘no’ to this idea all day long. Many women find relief as boudoir illustrates their inherent beauty – cellulite n’all. Rolls or no rolls, big, small, or whatever else, boudoir photographers draw out your essence and soul. And anyone who sets their eyes on such a profound beauty can’t help but notice that each one of us is naturally flawless.

Find inner peace

When you take part in boudoir, you choose to feel beautiful, sexy, and most importantly, ALIVE. Interestingly, this powerful effect can feel invigorating and comforting at the same time, allowing us to live in the moment and just enjoy ‘being.’ And, when you lay eyes on those final images, you gain a new perspective of yourself, opening your eyes to your inner and outer beauty.

Boudoir takes you out of your head

You can’t pour from an empty cup. When you’re drained, you can’t pour your energy into the world. So when we are there for ourselves first, we can fully be present for others.

We women are selfless — we put the needs of our loved ones constantly ahead of our own. We often feel the need to sacrifice ourselves for the greater good — whether that means we go without physically, emotionally, or spiritually. We have lost the intuition to reward ourselves by taking care of our psyche.

Regardless of why you took part in a boudoir session, at the end of the day, you’re the one who gets to feel the effect, not just sees it. It’s you who enjoyed the ecstasy and giddiness of lounging on a sofa, entirely at ease, confident in lingerie, and all while being photographed – it’s exhilarating! Intoxicating even.

Finally … 

Beauty begins in the soul. From there, it shines out, filling us with confidence, energy, and organic beauty that’s unrivaled by anything else on earth. To pamper your soul is to fill yourself with positive energy that can be put to good use in every aspect of your fabulous life. And for that, Boudoir is perfect. Self and soul care are a natural part of every boudoir session, revealing to each and every woman that she is worthy of self-love.

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