Sexy clothes right out of your closet for your boudoir session

I cannot stress enough to shop your closet before your boudoir session. Some women go out and buy all new things pre-shoot and yes, that is nice but if you don’t have the extra money to splurge on a new lingerie wardrobe, then shopping your closet is the best solution. You may be surprised at just how many things you may already have that will make your boudoir shoot unique with the outcome of the sexiest photos. You do not need to have all lingerie for your shoot. Regular clothing items can make for some spicy pictures.

Be sure to try on items to make sure they have a proper fit before your session. If you are like me you may still have some lingerie from years ago that you just have not thrown out because it is still perfectly good…however, since I have not worn it since college it may not fit me now.

PRO TIP: My best advice is to try everything on because it could be too big or too small. You want your items to have the best fit to accent your features.

  1. Bra and Panty set
    A simple bra and panty set show more skin than most lingerie and therefore make for the most steamy photos. yes, even just a basic set can look sexy with posing. However, if you have more elaborate styles such as lacy, sheer, or strappy sets definitely bring those along too.
  2. Blouse and/or sweater
    Choose a blouse that is sheer or lace or has a deep V neck or even backless. There are so many possible poses we can do with a pretty blouse. You can also bring a blouse that is form-fitting and tight to show off your body or choose one that is oversized that can be pulled off your shoulders.
  3. Button up shirt
    This could be one of your shirts or one of your guy’s button-ups. It does not need to be white! Any color button-up will work. So many people have seen the white shirt and think that is what they need but honestly color can look amazing too. This option can be oversized or fitted. Both have many posing options.
  4. Tank Top
    Cropped or not, tanks can be super sexy for photos. You can bring matching panties or they don’t need to match at all. You can also go bare bottom for some creative bum shots.
  5. Dress and/or skirt
    Whether you have a slip dress or a flirty summer dress you probably have a dress in your closet that would make for some super sexy photos. Maybe you have a tight-fitted dress with a long zipper down the back, imagine it being unzipped for the photo while you are in a seductive pose. And if you have a hard time envisioning what can be sexy bring it to your shoot and let your photographer decide.
  6. Robe
    Any type of robe can be used in several different ways for your shoot. A soft plush tobe or a lace see-through or maybe a Kimono robe, all can be used for a photo option. A swimsuit cover-up works in this scenario too.
  7. Coat and/or Jacket
    A jean or leather jacket can be worn with your bra and panty set or nothing at all for a sexy set of images. Or maybe you have a long coat or trench that can be worn by itself or with the basics underneath. So many options here!
  8. Jeans and/or shorts
    Everyone has a great pair of jeans they love how their booty looks in or maybe a pair of short shorts you feel great in. They can be paired with your tank or blouse or nothing at all!
  9. Graphic and/or plain Tee
    Everyone should have a tee as a staple in their wardrobe and a graphic tee is a great statement piece. It can say volumes about your personality or his if you want to bring along a tee that belongs to your guy. Your tee can also be cropped to show some sexy under boob, yep that is a thing.
  10. Sports Jersey
    Another great item that can be worn with your basic panty or all by itself. It can also be used as a prop if you want to do implied nudes during your shoot. The jersey can be yours or your guy’s. Maybe you have competing teams and you want t to bring both!
  11. Cardigan and/or Sweater
    This option can be literally any one of your sweaters or cardigans because each one has the potential for different looks. One that is tight and fitted can be uber-sexy or one that is loose and oversized can be posed to be just as sexy. There are just so many options with this one.
  12. Heels
    I know not all women have high heels but if you do be sure to bring a pair or more for your shoot. If you plan to wear thigh highs or stockings be sure to bring a pair of closed-toe heels to pair them with. Also color coordinate. Typically a nude and or black pair of heels can go with everything.
  13. Lingerie
    And of course lingerie! Nothing is off-limits here so bring what you have. This includes shapewear too. Like I said before if you have an item you are unsure of, bring it to your shoot and let your photographer decide. Something you may not think will work they may choose as a top item.
  14. Accessories
    Last but not least, accessories! Jewelry as in statement pieces, any pieces that will make your photos pop! Hair accessories, hats, gloves, scarves, and even sunglasses can be a fun prop. Think outside the box when pulling your items together for your boudoir shoot.

Summing up…

Before you run out to rack up money on your credit card to buy items for your boudoir shoot, take a little time and look through your closet for items to wear during your boudoir photo shoot. You may just be pleasantly surprised at all the choices you already have right in your very own closet.

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