Why Your Boudoir Shoot Should be for You and Not Just Your Man

Why Your Boudoir Shoot Should be for You and Not Just Your Man

The initial idea of your boudoir shoot may be to surprise your significant other, or as a present for a special occasion. However, I can promise that you won’t just be gifting your partner. You will be surprised at how much you learn about yourself and how self assured you will be leaving the shoot. Below are just a few of the benefits when it comes to getting the most out of your Couture Boudoir experience…

It allows you to express yourself 

Expressing yourself through your undergarments is something that can be very impactful on how sexy you feel. If you have a colorful personality, choose to wear a bright red bra and matching bottoms, or if you are feeling a bit mysterious, opt for a lacey black top. Regardless which angle you choose, make sure you are wearing your correct bra size. Wearing the wrong size will leave you feeling irritable and uncomfortable. Uncomfortability in your attire can easily transfer into a lack of confidence! 

You face your fears

We have all been in that self-conscious panic, where we cover up every inch of our bodies before even leaving your bedroom. With a Boudoir shoot however, it forces you to face that fear and allows you to step outside of your comfort zone. By the end of the shoot you will be so comfortable in your skin, you won’t recall ever feeling reserved! To help loosen up your nerves, try dancing in front of the mirror naked. I swear it helps!

Redefine what makes you sexy

You may feel as if you are stuck in a rut, and what once made you feel desirable and beautiful, no longer applies. If you feel that way, it’s important to shift your mindset. Every curve, smile line, and wrinkle is absolutely breathtaking. During your shoot, you may even learn a thing or two you didn’t know about yourself. Once you fully embrace your body, you will gain a certain swagger that will take you through each day. 

Quality time for yourself

This is your time away from work, your kids, and even that gossiping friend you might be avoiding. Take the time to really focus on yourself. Use this opportunity to pop some champagne, lay on a comfy bed and escape for a while!

It’s time to give ourselves the self-love gift we deserve! 

“It’s funny – this started out being a present for my fiance, but it really has become a present for myself.”

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