Self love + boudoir

You may be wondering what does self love have to do with boudoir, EVERYTHING!

Loving your body is the first step. Whether you work out like a maniac or are a new mom that has a crazy schedule and can’t imagine trying to lose the baby weight. Or you have been a plus size your whole life. You deserve to feel good in your body.

Sure, every woman no matter her size always has something negative to say about their body, but let’s break that cycle together. I am going to give you three steps to loving yourself right now…

1. Repeat to yourself everyday “I love my body”. Quit beating yourself down. You wouldn’t let someone else do that to you so stop doing it to yourself. From here on out every single day remind yourself how much you love the skin your in.

2. Dance in front of the mirror naked. Yes, naked. There is nothing more freeing then seeing yourself get down to some beats in the mirror while completely in the buff. This one isn’t an everyday step but the more often you do it the happier with your body you will be.

3. Stop caring what other people think about your body. It is yours and your alone. Don’t put any value into what other people think about your body shape, size or weight. It’s none of their business and what they think isn’t your concern.

Definitely take care of your beautiful body. Nourish it, drink tons of water, do the things you know will make you feel good. Loving yourself is the key to setting yourself free.

So what does all this have to do with boudoir photos? So many women have used boudoir to document their journey, to see themselves in a whole new light. To finally give themselves the self-love they deserve. Intimate photos can reveal so much truth about a woman. Sometimes we have a hard time seeing our bodies the way they truly are. Photos can open your eyes to just how beautiful you truly are.