How to Find the Confidence to Book a Boudoir Session

How to Find the Confidence to Book a Boudoir Session

It’s hard not to feel instant envy when you see a friend’s boudoir photos. You wonder to yourself “how did she get the confidence to do it! I want photos like that. Maybe she just has more courage than I do. Oh, to have her self-assurance!” Well, let me tell you… Every single woman I have met over the years was nervous going into their boudoir photoshoot. You just have to take a leap of faith and know you are in good hands. 

While you might not feel as uninhibited as you would like, you can build the confidence to get your own boudoir photos and love every minute of it. Here are five ways to work toward making a boudoir shoot happen.

1. Maintain a Positive Mindset

Mindset is everything. How you talk to yourself and think about yourself is how you’re going to truly see yourself. Treat yourself with kindness. Don’t obsess over the things you see as flaws in your body. Trust me, everyone has something about themselves they hate. Wide hips, small hips, muffin top, small boobs, big boobs, you name it and there will be someone that claims it! Be kind to yourself and know your body is sexy just the way it is. Trust your boudoir photographer and know your boudoir photos will turn out beautifully and they truly will.

2. Choose Clothing that Gives You Confidence

There’s no written rule that you have to wear the most scandalous lingerie to feel sexy. Find items that make you feel confident. If you do not love your belly and are the most self-conscious about that area of your body then look for high-waisted panties, waist cinchers, and bustiers, they will conceal this area and boost your confidence! 

3. Look at Poses You’re Comfortable With

Although your boudoir photographer will show you all the poses to do, it might be beneficial to look at boudoir poses you feel comfortable doing and make a cheat sheet. And don’t be shy about bringing your digital lookbook with you to your photo session. This will also show your photographer your level of modesty for your images. 

4. Lavish in Professional Hair and Makeup

There’s nothing like beautifully styled hair and gorgeous makeup to make you feel and look like a goddess. Talk about a confidence boost! Professional hair and makeup can make you feel like a million dollars. And a big plus is a professional will know how to make your beauty shine in a way that the camera will love, too.

5. Find a Boudoir Photographer You Can Trust

We saved the most important for last. Trust is a big part of getting boudoir photos you’re happy with. But they also have a lot to do with how comfortable you feel with your photographer. You’re in a state of undress that most people never see, and that can take some courage!

Behind closed doors, it’s just you and your boudoir photographer. They’re not just looking at you through the lens, but also figuring out the best lighting and angles. They’re showing you how to pose, fix your out-of-place hair, move straps, and help you open up your emotions to the camera. There’s a lot that’s expected from a photographer (and rightfully so!), this relationship is more powerful when you choose someone you trust. 

Final thoughts:

Gaining confidence in your boudoir photoshoot is the first step to getting great photos. Once you see those photos you will also find how the photoshoot changed you in other ways, maybe booting your positivity, helping you feel comfortable in your own skin, changing your mindset about your body, helping you feel beautiful and exuberant! 

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