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Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for the shoot can enhance the client experience and help eliminate more Photoshop retouching.

Professional Hair and Makeup Styling

When a pro stylist makes over your client, it will not only amp up the look of your images, it will also save you time retouching blemishes, under-eye circles, and uneven skin tones. They can create oh-so-sexy Victoria’s Secret hair, or a perfectly placed coif if that’s the look you (or your client) are going for. Whatever look your client can envision, a pro stylist will be able to help them achieve it.

Besides spending time making your client look fabulous they will make them feel pampered and extra beautiful too. What a bonus to get your client in the mood for her sexy photo session!

boudoir tips for photographers
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Take a Before & After Photo

If you hire a stylist or the client has a stylist hired for the shoot, be sure to take photos of the client before and after to use for your portfolio (if they give you permission to use the images). This is a good way to show potential clients how glamorous the shoot can be, and the difference between them doing their own styling compared to having a professional do it for them. Before and after photos are a great way to show the client’s transition from everyday ordinary to extraordinary.

Pro Tip: If you forget to take a before photo you can always ask the client to send you a no-makeup selfie. These work just as well to showcase the transition of the girl next door to foxy mama!

boudoir tips for photographers

Set Expectations

Have a conversation with your stylist so you are on the same page and find out how they want the client to come to the shoot. They may prefer the client to come to the session with clean dry hair so they may get started right away. Some stylists prefer “second-day” hair. My stylist asks that the client moisturizes their face and have any facial grooming done prior to the shoot such as eyebrow waxing or facial waxing. Every stylist has her own preferences. If you plan to work with them on a regular basis then knowing theirs will help your clients even more.

Summing Up

Adding a professional stylist to your packages can elevate your value and also improve the look of your photos almost instantly. It also gives your clients something else to look forward to on the day of their shoot. They may also be excited to be glammed up and make a date night out of it.


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