Boudoir Love Notes

Ms. C did her boudoir photoshoot for her groom’s gift for their wedding night. This is such a beautiful groom’s gift to give! It can be a bit nerve-racking to go out of your comfort zone to do a shoot like this for your soon-to-be husband and this is why I love sharing feedback from my clients so you can see just how easy-breezy the sessions really are! Here is what Ms. C had to say…

“I am thrilled with the entire experience that I received with Couture Boudoir! Critsey is an absolute professional with amazing talent, not only in her beautiful work but with how comfortable she made me feel during my session. I had never thought that I would be one to do this, but I know that my fiance is going to love the photos and this was a gift that I really wanted to give to him. Ms. C”

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