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Hello, my lovelies! I often share boudoir love notes my clients send me. Recently I decided to start interviewing my wonderful clients after their boudoir session to get some insight into why they did their shoot, how it made them feel, and more. I think this can be so helpful to the women that want to do a session but are super nervous or apprehensive. Hopefully, this can give you insight and make you feel more confident to book your session!

Was there anything holding you back from booking a boudoir session?
I have a hard time seeing myself in a positive way. After two babies my body just never seemed to get back to what I wanted.  

What made you decide to book a boudoir session?
I have followed your work for years and love your Instagram! Your photos are sexy but tasteful. I admire how you can shape photographs into art. 

What made your decision to book Couture Boudoir specifically?
Your photos speak volumes about how much you love what you do. I am pretty positive I have looked through every single one of your social media posts and admire how creative you are. You can mold any body shape into looking sexy. I just knew I had to get the courage to just do it. 

What were you most nervous about before your boudoir session?
I think I was most nervous about feeling self-conscious and looking awkward but you did a great job making me feel confident from the start to the very end. Your communication and guides were super helpful too.

Describe how you felt during your session?
Oooh, where to begin! To be honest, I was excited and nervous at first but had so much fun getting made over and pampered. I absolutely loved how my hair and makeup turned out. When we started posing I felt so pretty and sexy and encouraged to let myself enjoy the process and boy did it make me feel amazing! I left feeling like I just had a spa vacation but also an intense workout.LOL! Those poses were hard and my glutes were sore the next day. You were not joking when you said it was like a workout. It was super fun and I loved every second of it.

How did you feel about yourself after seeing your boudoir photos?
1000% exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I thought I would like a handful of photos. I am so grateful you allowed me to upgrade my package after the fact because there was no way I could have narrowed the pictures down to just 25. Even still I want to come back and purchase more of the ones I did not get for my book. There were over 100 photos I loved. Talk about exceeding expectations, I was blown away. 

Describe your overall experience with Couture Boudoir…
It was exceptional. I cannot express enough how happy I am that I found your work all those years ago and followed you. You were a joy to communicate with. All of your information is well written and organized. I loved all the tips and directions you gave at the shoot, it was perfect. I could tell from the start you have put a lot of thought and dedication into your process and into helping your clients feel relaxed and good through it all.

What would you tell other women hesitant in booking a boudoir session?
Don’t wait, just do it. I waited and now I wish I would have done this years ago. It is an experience you will be happy you did and the best part will be seeing your photos and feeling incredibly beautiful and proud. 

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About Couture Boudoir

Critsey Rowe of Couture Boudoir is an experienced, internationally published, and highly regarded boudoir photographer who has dedicated her career to helping women feel confident and beautiful. With the help of female-only hair and makeup stylists, Critsey creates a zen environment for her boudoir sessions. She celebrates the uniqueness and intimate beauty of every client and takes truly flattering, tasteful, and gorgeous boudoir photographs.