25 Things to Consider When Preparing for a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir photography is a great way to capture your sensuality and beauty, but it can be daunting to think about a photoshoot. Preparing for a boudoir photoshoot is crucial for a successful outcome, not just for the final images but also for your own self-esteem and comfort during the shoot. Here are 25 Things to Consider When Preparing for a Boudoir Photo Shoot.

25 Things to Consider When Preparing for a Boudoir Photo Shoot
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25 Things to Consider When Preparing for a Boudoir Photo Shoot:

  1. Choose the right photographer: Look for a photographer who has experience shooting boudoir and whose style and approach align with your vision for the shoot.
  2. Set your intentions: Think about what you want to achieve with your boudoir photos and communicate this to your photographer.
  3. Plan your outfits: Bring a variety of lingerie and other clothing options to the shoot, including some that are more revealing and others that are more modest.
  4. Get your hair trimmed and/or colored: Schedule and appointment with your regular hair dresser to get your hair trimmed and/or color done to help you look and feel your best for your photoshoot.
  5. Practice your smile: Practice smiling, not smiling and your smize  (smiling with your eyes), in front of a mirror pre-shoot and ask your photographer for guidance at your shoot.
  6. Be prepared to show some skin: Boudoir photos often involve revealing clothing and poses, so be prepared to show some skin and feel comfortable in your own body.
  7. Get a manicure and pedicure: Pay attention to your nails and consider getting a manicure and pedicure before the shoot.
  8. Exfoliate and moisturize: Take care of your skin by exfoliating and moisturizing regularly in the weeks leading up to the shoot.
  9. Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to the shoot to help your skin look and feel its best.
  10. Eat a healthy diet: Avoid foods that can cause bloating and opt for a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  11. Get plenty of sleep: Make sure you’re well-rested before the shoot to help you feel and look your best.
  12. Make sure the heels you are using for the shoot are polished and have nice bottoms because the soles may show in some of the photos.
  13. Cut off all the tags and care labels from your lingerie you plan to wear for your shoot. Especially in your lace lingerie because more than likely the tags cannot be photoshopped out later.
  14. Communicate with your photographer: Talk to your photographer about your comfort level and what you’re hoping to achieve with the shoot.
  15. Bring props: Consider bringing props to the shoot, such as scarves, jewelry, and other items that add interest to the photos.
  1. Warm up your muscles: Do some stretches before the shoot to help loosen up your muscles. The shoot will be like a mini workout and stretching will help!
  2. Stay relaxed: Try to stay relaxed and remember to breathe during the shoot.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try something new: Be open to trying different poses and techniques and don’t be afraid to take risks. But also tell your photographer if something if you do not want to pose certain ways.
  4. Practice good posture: Good posture can help you look and feel more confident, so try to stand up straight and engage your core during the shoot.
  5. Trust your photographer: Trust your photographer’s guidance and expertise and let them help you create the best possible images.
  6. Have fun: Boudoir photos can be a fun and empowering experience, so try to enjoy yourself and have a good time.
  7. Take breaks: Don’t be afraid to take breaks if you need them, and listen to your body.
  8. Choose the right time: Consider scheduling your boudoir shoot around your monthly “Visit”. 
  9. Enjoy the process: Your boudoir shoot will be a lot more fun than you can imagine beforehand so take the time and enjoy the day!
  10. Don’t compare yourself to others: Remember that every body is unique and beautiful, and try not to compare yourself to others.

In Conclusion:

By following these tips, you can prepare yourself for a successful and comfortable boudoir photoshoot. From choosing the right photographer and setting intentions, to practicing your “smize” and staying relaxed during the shoot, these tips will help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. 

Remember to have fun, trust your photographer and not compare yourself to others. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to take stunning boudoir photos that you’ll be proud to share with the world. So go ahead, and book that boudoir photoshoot, and make sure to prepare yourself for an amazing experience.

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