How Boudoir Photography Uplifts Women

As women we often feel we are not good enough, we compare ourselves to others and have a hard time overcoming our thoughts of negativity about ourselves. One of the biggest things that make women reluctant to do a boudoir shoot is the feeling they are not beautiful enough or their bodies are not good enough. They have a hard time seeing the beauty in themselves that others see. Boudoir is a very anxious-inducing thought for most women to consider doing a session. So why do women do boudoir photoshoots? They do them to find themselves, to get past that feeling of being vulnerable, to feel beautiful and empowered.

Breaking What Society Thinks

Society puts a high standard on beauty and these days more and more women are not conforming to that imagined status. Instead, they are taking control of their own identities by focusing on their own unique beauty and what makes them special. Boudoir allows women to see themselves from a whole new perspective. It is an empowering experience that boosts their confidence to the next level. Women are choosing to stop caring about what the world thinks and instead focusing on how to be the best version of themselves and choosing self-love.

Normalizing The Feminine Form

Here’s the truth: everybody has a body, and boudoir can help women realize that their own, real body is the sexiest. Our bodies carry us through life. They hold us up on the hard days, help us make memories on the good days, and can help us build connections with other people. Some bodies can even bring life into the world and help it grow. With social media setting what feels like impossible standards and the gaze of society telling us that we need to look or be a certain way, boudoir photos are a refreshing reminder that we are all unbelievably beautiful, powerful, and sexy, just as we are. This is because boudoir photos are a celebration of the feminine form, finding strength in softness and beauty in vulnerability. When you see someone you know or someone who looks like you posing for boudoir, all of a sudden, it is easier to imagine yourself showing your body some love and having a photoshoot of your own.

Finding Courage

Boudoir photoshoots take courage, vulnerability, and strength, which is part of the reason that the resulting photos are so powerful and beautiful. Many women, when imagining themselves doing a boudoir photo shoot, have a fear-driven response. “I could never pose in just lingerie.” “I’m not thin enough.” “I’m not young enough.” “I won’t look good in these photos.” “I don’t know how to be sexy.” The truth is, every person already has exactly what they need to take stunning, timeless boudoir photos and gain all of the self-love and self-confidence that comes along with doing so. Every once in a while, though, people need an extra push to take the plunge and sign up for their boudoir photo shoot.

Time To Leap

Have you just gone through a major life change and want to regain some control over your life? Are you getting ready for your wedding? Do you simply want to celebrate yourself for being the amazing, gorgeous, and strong person that you are? Whatever the reason, you made it to this moment, take the risk, invest in yourself, and receive photos and memories to last a lifetime. Photos that will fit squarely on the tapestry of who you are as a person and offer a reminder of the love that you have for yourself and your body.

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Critsey Rowe, Couture Boudoir’s photographer, is an experienced, internationally published, and respected boudoir photographer who has dedicated her career to helping women feel comfortable and beautiful. With the help of female-only assistants and stylists, Critsey celebrates the uniqueness and intimate beauty of every client and takes truly flattering, tasteful, and gorgeous boudoir photographs.