Why Bridal Boudoir Doesn’t Have to be Cliché

Why Bridal Boudoir Doesn’t Have to be Cliché

Women walk into boudoir studios for all kinds of reasons. Some to remind themselves of their beauty, others to face their fears – and frequently – right before their wedding day! 

These pre-nuptial shoots are often done to mark the special occasion. And really, what better way to celebrate love? The sensuality, romance, and charm inherent to boudoir are the stuff that tends to pull the tied knot tighter. Of course, they also just happen to have the added side effect of making temperatures soar – ideal wedding present, anyone!?

Is it any wonder bridal boudoir is becoming a rite of passage for soon-to-be brides? Certainly not – but that doesn’t mean you have to follow the trends. In fact, another bonus of bridal boudoir is that you can make it your own. Here’s how:

Sidestepping bridal boudoir clichés

Some aspects of bridal boudoir are a given: luxurious surroundings, lingerie, and a warm, invigorating atmosphere that underpins the excitement and nerves before walking down the aisle. The latter of which is entirely intangible but entirely capturable, meaning that the camera can’t miss it! This means, fortunately for brides, they don’t have to visually scream, ‘I’m getting married!’ 

That given, a world of possibilities opens in front of you, just begging you to think outside the box and truly put your own mark on your special shoot. Here’s just some inspiration for adding a personal twist to your bridal boudoir session.

Set your own tone

First of all, don’t even think for a second that you need to stick to elegance, serenity, or even sensuality. If you want your photos to be brimming with a fun personality – the more, the merrier! 

Many brides prefer to take on the ‘smize’ expression loaded with sultry connotations. However, it’s not against the rules to crack a smile, cross your eyes, or have a hearty laugh. 

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Let your true colors shine

Who says bridal beauty is monotone? Your shoot need only be fifty shades of grey in one way. Why not incorporate something old, something new, and something strikingly blue into your session? 

Or, add a splash of color with a bouquet covering the entire spectrum of the rainbow? There are several ways to avoid a whitewashed session without moving away from the bridal theme. In fact, 

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Why limit yourself to veils when there is plenty of other bridal-ready headwear to choose from? Flower crowns, beaded headbands, beautiful body jewelry, and anything else that makes your pictures pop! Or, add dramatic flair with some faux fur shawls or an abundance of lace.

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Personal props

Veils are a regular sight, but a little less common are wine glasses. Champagne glasses have also been known to show up on set (and some bubbly courage can certainly help!) The same could be said for the cowboy boots-dress combo, but it works! Why? Because you can’t go wrong when you go from the heart. Fresh cut flowers are also a beautiful prop and can be styled in so many beautiful ways. 

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And last but by no means least …

Do whatever brings you joy! This is your special shoot for your special day and for your or your partner’s eye only! So let loose, go wild, and don’t feel bound by any Pinterest board or trends. Instead, think outside the box and breathe a welcome breath of fresh air into bridal boudoir! Who knows, maybe you’ll set some new trends!

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