What to wear to a Boudoir Photo Session

The point of a boudoir photo session is to feel beautiful. Boudoir is for all girls, no matter their shape, size or age. Telling you to have confidence isn’t enough, though – there are certain questions that you just need answered before your session so that you feel ready and prepared. Here are the solutions to your most plaguing concerns. What to wear boudoir photo shoot.

What Do I Wear?

Whatever you want! There are no rules when it comes to boudoir. If you want to be topless or completely nude, go for it. If you’d rather be covered up in a robe or oversized men’s shirt, that’s completely fine, too. It all depends on what look you’re going for and what you feel comfortable in. Want to get a little creative? Put together a few different outfits, like a super sexy black lace ensemble, 50 Shades of Grey fan? think bondage wear, Love retro? pin-up fashion can be très chic , Getting married? Go for bridal white. Costume changes mid-session are completely fine.

couture boudoir

If I Decide To Be Naked, How Much Will You See?

Just because you’re naked, that doesn’t mean that everything has to be on display. There are ways to shoot nudes while still covering up certain body parts. Talk to your photographer about what you want to cover up and what you’re comfortable showing. Full frontals are not a requirement!

I’ve Never Taken Sexy Photos. How Do I Know What To Do?

Nobody expects you to innately know how to model. Your photographer will be able to coach you when it comes to smiling, pouting and posing. Don’t worry about prepping your poses beforehand, if you don’t want to – all you have to do is show up.

Is There Any Way That I Should Prepare?

Besides bringing along a few outfits, you’ll want to get a manicure and pedicure beforehand, unless you plan on doing that on the day of your shoot, along with hair and makeup. If a professional is doing your hair and makeup, show up with clean, dry hair and skin. The night before the photo session, get plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water. The day of your session, continue sipping water, eat something light and avoid wearing tight clothing, including socks and undergarments, which could leave lines on your body.

Would It Be Weird If I Brought My Friends?

Not at all! Whether you just want to have someone you trust nearby or you and your girl friends want to all have boudoir photos taken, bringing someone along is normal. Make a day of it and ask your photographer if you can have a boudoir party session.

I Have the Photos…Now What?

Hang them in your bedroom or, if you’re not shy in the slightest, decorate your hallway or living room with them. You can also make a small photo book to keep in your nightstand if you don’t want them front-and-center in your home. Giving them to your man? Wrap them up and present them when you two have some alone time.

Have More Questions? Check out the FAQ page on my website or post your question below in the comment section. If you are a photographer, feel free to leave your best advice and comments too.