Vegas Boudoir Workshop

Jennifer Williams is a amazing boudoir photographer in Vancouver. While I was in Vegas for the Couture Boudoir® Workshop she volunteered to be one of our models. OMG! She rocked out the session! She is so gorgeous and so sweet.

She invited me to shoot with her and Leah Stinson (another fabulous boudoir photographer) out in the Vegas desert with her hair and makeup artist – Kelly as our model. I will post some of those images soon. : )

Thanks to Jorge Monroy for such a fabulous job on Jen’s hair and makeup.


  1. Absolutely stunning! WOW wow wow.

  2. Jen looks amazing! I adore all of the dramatic lighting!

  3. Be still my heart! Jennifer looks GORGEOUS!

  4. She is gorgeous. I love that she is not a size zero and looks like a real woman just like me. Critsey I cannot tell you how much I love your work.