The ever so gorgeous Ashlee Holmes

You might remember Ashlee Holmes as a teenager on The New Jersey Housewives but now after the show she is no longer a teen and is showing off her grown up sexy side. She is a beautiful and powerful woman.

She gave me permission to show her images because as a role model she wanted to share with all women just how empowering capturing your sensual side can be.

Here is a sneak peek of her session. Be sure to check back in a week or so to see more. Also follow @coutureboudoir on Instagram to see the already published images from her Couture Boudoir® session.

Ashlee Holmes lingerie shoot

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  1. Gorgeous, as always, Critsey!

  2. Love this so much Critsey Rowe! You are so f*ing talented.

  3. Wow! Ashlee is all grown up now. No more teen drama with this beautiful woman. Go Ashlee!