Sexy Little Bride ~ Boudoir Photographer

Laying on the bed is a whole wardrobe of lingerie. Among the many choices, a white delicate lace nightie with a silk ribbon tie and a beautiful long bridal veil to go with it. I can picture how amazing Ms. M is going to look in this sweet little outfit. Her fiancé is going to flip when he receives his groom’s gift on their wedding night.

Months of planning and the time for Ms. M’s shoot is here. She is in the other room being pampered by my hair and makeup artist as I look through all the amazing pieces she brought today. Years of experience I am able to cull down to the few best choices in a matter of minutes.

I lay the floral headpiece I custom made on my head and walk into the other room to model it for the girls. “What do you think of this?” Yay! They love it and decide to try it out for Ms. M’s very first look of the day.

Here is a little peek of how the session went. Hope you enjoy!

Bridal boudoir is ever so popular and according to the New York Times is the number one grooms gift of the century. I knew it was popular but wow!

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  1. Stunning. I wish I would look like this.