Reclaiming your sexuality through boudoir

I am not just a boudoir photographer because it is a job I adore. I am a boudoir photographer because I truly believe it changes lives. More and more women are coming to me to be photographed because they want to feel bold, beautiful, empowered, sexy, confident, amazing, and so many other valid reasons. They are not doing it just to give it to their boyfriend/husband/partner. They are doing it for THEMSELVES!!

“Human beings are inherently sexual creatures, which means in order for someone to even be sexualized they had to be desexualized first. That is something our society does to people but we do it disproportionately to women. When a woman does what she wants to her own body on her own terms regardless of what that looks like, it is 100% a power move because she’s reclaiming a part of herself for patriarchal society has worked very hard to try to take from her and dictate how and when and where she can use it. You have to stop thinking that it’s about the male gaze, it’s not. When a woman does something you think is sexually provocative, she’s not reducing herself to an object. She is actually coming into a fuller expression of who and what she is. ~R. Bayron”

Boudoir photo sessions are so wildly popular because omen are taking back their own bodies and freeing themselves from what society tries to push on them. Boudoir sessions are an eye-opening journey of self-love and empowerment.

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