You are the Moon and Stars

Picture this: You in your guy’s favorite t-shirt sensually lounging on a messy bed with tousled hair and a sheepish grin. Now imagine this as a photo and you handing this over to your guy.  How does this make you feel? Excited? Nervous? What do you think your guy would say?

Here is an answer from one of my recent clients:

“When I decided to surprise Jeff with boudoir photos for his birthday I admit I was intimidated just thinking about posing in lingerie. My body is not perfect. I guess I am like many women and see so many flaws while looking in the mirror. Something that made me push through my anxiety and to just do this was how much I knew Jeff would love it. He has always told me I am the Moon and Stars, the girl that he always wanted. He is my Sun and Sky. I wanted to gift him something that would blow him away. This did. When I handed him my photos he was rendered speechless for a good five minutes. That is rare. The first thing he said when he looked up to me was “You are the Moon and Stars.”

Thank you for making my dream possible (and his). xo, Sarah”

Sarah shared her story with me but she has chosen to keep her images private. I always want to make it very clear to all of my potential clients I do not share your photos without written permission. Even if you can’t share images I love hearing the story of how you shared the images with your significant other.

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