New Gallery on my website = Glamour

I really love helping women feel sexy, confident and alluring. Some women come to me to get their mojo back and some just want to document their gorgeousness. Some are doing the session for their guy only to to find in the end it really was for themselves. ; )

I have always offered what I call “Lifestyle” sessions but now the industry calls them “Glamour” so I am going with the flow and calling these extended offerings Glamour Sessions. I posted a new gallery on my website to give you a feel of what I can do. We can do the session in a swanky hotel or someplace with a urban feel or a special place that has meaning to you.

My pricing is the same for Glamour sessions as for Boudoir, please inquire for a complete list of selections.

Don’t get these new “Glamour Sessions” confused with the old style Glamour Shots™ – My sessions are more portrayed as a lifestyle session and should reflect your beauty in a setting that is your style and personality. I have an amazing wardrobe stylist that can help you choose the right outfits. My hair and makeup stylist will make you over to look like you just walked on a movie set. You will not only look glamorous you will feel amazing!

Here is a peek but be sure to pop over to my Couture Boudoir Website to see the full gallery.