Boudoir Love Notes

This isn’t really a love note that was sent to me but a review a sweet client left for me that I wanted to share.

Charlotte boudoir photographers studio

“This is going to be a long (but thorough) review of my session with Couture Boudoir. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and read on.

First of all, I had gone back and forth about doing a boudoir photo session for about three years. I wanted to do the session for myself. I didn’t even have a boyfriend at the time. I have always struggled with my body image and wanted to feel sexy and empowered for once in my life.

I did my homework and I researched endlessly until I finally landed on Couture Boudoir’s website two years ago. I was instantly intrigued and knew this was the boudoir photographer I wanted to use. At that time I still wasn’t ready to take the plunge. I continued my search and looked at endless amounts of other websites (just to be sure) and over and over I continued to come back to Couture Boudoir and her stunning work. You could say I became a bit of a stalker as I followed her on social and probably hit the like button on every single photo she posted. She makes every woman no matter their shape or size look breathtakingly beautiful.

When I finally got up the nerve to do a session I emailed Critsey, she is the owner and photographer of Couture Boudoir. She responded the same day which made my type-A personality super happy. Remember Monica from Friends? That would be me. Just to note: Critsey was prompt through the whole process. She answered all my questions and was so kind. I was super nervous and probably asked too many absurd questions but not one went unanswered.

Booking my session was easy and done online. I received a beautifully detailed session guide from Critsey after booking. It covered everything from grooming tips to what to bring for the session, including links to where to buy online. It was well thought out and perfectly put together. Did I mention my type-A personality?

A week before my session Critsey emailed me last-minute tips and more details about the session. This lady really has thought of everything!

When I arrived I was greeted by Critsey and her stylist and instantly swept into all the fuss over my hair and makeup while Critsey did a wardrobe consultation with the load of items I brought for my session. It was so nice to be pampered and they made me feel comfortable and at ease. I truly did feel like I was chatting with two best girlfriends.

I loved how my hair and makeup turned out. When it was time to change into my first outfit I honestly didn’t even feel nervous anymore.
Critsey coached me on every single pose and taught me how to pose my hands, how to half-smile, how to pop my booty, and all! I never considered myself to be sexy but on this day I felt like a sex bomb.

The photos came in quicker than promised. I have to be honest and say I may have squeaked more than once while looking through them all. Remember when I said I wanted to feel sexy and empowered? Well, I felt like a sexy ninja supermodel badass woman!! Wow, just wow! Critsey is so very talented in capturing all the right angles.

Critsey warned me I would probably love more than I had in my package which was only 20 photos. Doesn’t 20 sound like a lot? Yeah, I thought so too. I ended up loving 143 photos out of 210. This was the only downside but only because I am not rich and could not afford 143 photos. I did end up upgrading to a larger album with 80 photos and plan to purchase my other favorites later this year. The larger purchase wasn’t cheap but I am chalking this up to be a luxury purchase for myself. At first, I thought “this is just a once-in-a-lifetime shoot so go ahead and spend the money”, but now I am already planning to do this again for my 40 birthday which is still quite some time away but goals! I already started saving for it.

Overall this was such a wonderful experience and I highly recommend splurging if you are going to do it. And I highly recommend using Couture Boudoir. Critsey is amazing and you will love how organized she is. I think every woman should do a boudoir shoot for themselves. It is so invigorating and will help you see your body in a new light. I know it did for me. I may even have a little swagger in my step now.

Sincerely, Amanda”