Let’s redefine the cultural conversation around beauty

Let’s stop letting the media dictate how we feel about our bodies and let’s redefine the cultural conversation around beauty by showing the world just how beautiful we are! As women, we are always comparing ourselves to what we see in magazines and advertising. Always trying to strive for that perfect look and size. Thank goodness more and more brands are starting to be more inclusive with REAL body types.  

Redefine the cultural conversation around beauty

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit celebrated a diverse group of women who include professional athletes, entrepreneurs, models, mothers, rookies, and swim search contestants. Its annual Miami runway show which collectively rounds out this remarkable group of authentic and aspirational women- has become the go-to show during swim week in Miami.

Sports Illustrated held their annual fashion show on Saturday, and it’s safe to say that their catwalk at Miami swim week featured quite an inclusive crew. 

redefine the culture conversation around beauty
via Sports Illustrated

With a mission to “redefine the cultural conversation around beauty,” the brand had women of all shapes and sizes strut their stuff down the runway, marking what’s possibly their most inclusive event to date! 

The fashion show celebrated “a diverse group of women who include professional athletes, entrepreneurs, models, mothers, rookies and swim search contestants,” the brand said via a press release.

redefine the culture conversation around beauty
via Sports Illustrated

Celebrating a diverse group of women

Among those to walk down the runway was rookie Kathy Jacobs. “This is what runway domination at 57 years old and 5’2” tall looks like on the surface,” she captioned her Sunday, July 11, Instagram post. “What you don’t see are the years of hundreds of rejections, discipline, heartbreak, and balls to the wall perseverance behind what it took to be in this short video! Fake it till you make it. If you fall down get back up and try again!” 

Jacobs wasn’t the only new face that hit the runway. She was joined by Saje Nicole, who, according to her modeling profile wears a size 10-12. The Turks and Caicos-born beauty took to Instagram earlier in the week, to share her excitement about being a part of the Sports Illustrated family. 

Others to walk the runway include personal chef Chelsea Heath, plus-size model Amanda Kay, and model Natalie Gage. 

Gage, for her part, took to Instagram to explain the appreciation she has for her body. “Regardless of what size I’ve been, I’ve always had a resounding love and respect for my body. Full acceptance of every inch of my body inside and out,” she wrote. 

Canadian-born Amanda is one of several curve models to make the cut at this year’s show. She grew up all over the world, moving with her family to Jordan, Egypt, England, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. The model looked stunning as she walked the runway in a pink satin swimsuit followed by a snakeskin bikini paired with a bright orange dressing gown.

“I started my modeling career later in life because I kept making excuses as to why I wasn’t good enough, she previously wrote on Instagram. I hope I can show anyone out there who is scared or has reservations to just go for it. Amazing things can happen if you put yourself out there and I’m proof of that. I’m so excited for what’s to come and all the amazing people I’m going to meet along the way.”

redefine the culture conversation around beauty
via Sports Illustrated

The swimsuit designers

Designers in the show Included: Asherah, HAUS OF PINKLEMONADE, Norma Kamali, AEXAE, Matte Collection, Bfyne, ViX Paula Hermanny, Tropic of C, Anna Kosturova, Tori Praver, Toluca Swim, Andi Bagus, Frankies Bikinis, Yandy, Missoni, Ola Vida, Monica Hansen Beachwear, Avis Bendita, Indah, Fisch, TRIANGL, Oh Polly, Lybethras, Sage Swim, Beach Riot, Heavy Manners, Savannah Morrow, Myra Swim, Chloe Rose, Agent Provocateur, Bain de Minuit, The Merger NYC, Nessy Swim, and Lace by Tanaya.

Boudoir and beauty

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