How to take a boudoir selfie with your phone

Have you ever gotten a text like this from your husband or your boyfriend “hey babe, send me a sexy pic!” and you’re like uhhh, okay, let me work on that only to be frustrated by not getting the right angle or the photos looking terrible? You are in luck because today I am going to share how to take a boudoir selfie with your phone! A sexy pic that will blow his mind! If you are more visual and want to see step-by-step instructions you can check out my YouTube video HERE. It has over 30K views! Woot!


The first step is to pick a few poses you feel confident you can emulate. There are several ways you can find inspiration photos for this. You can browse millions of photos on Pinterest however, to make this an easier task I have a lot of great boudoir boards you can peruse through HERE. Or you can look through my Instagram HERE for inspiration photos. Once you find a pose you love – screenshot it so it is on your phone.


The next step is choosing your outfit. Choose something you feel confident and sexy in. The sexier the better! You can also go ‘A La Natural’ and impress him with a nude if you feel comfortable doing so. If you want to buy something new for the occasion check out my Amazon Haul list for some great options that are surprisingly great quality at an affordable price. Most items are under $20.


I know it can feel nerve-racking to take a selfie, especially a sexy selfie because you want it to amazing. What woman doesn’t want to look fabulous in her selfies!? Just know that the first few tries may not yield the best results. If you tell yourself this to begin with you can build your confidence with each photo taken and end up with the best results just after a few tries! 


I am going to share all the tools you need to take a bomb boudoir selfie! The number one thing that can make your selfie the easiest to take is a phone tripod. Don’t worry I am going to link the best products below. You can do a selfie without these tools but trust me these will make it a thousand times easier. I use these to take my own self-portraits. The second item is a Bluetooth remote to use with your phone so you do not need to set a timer. It is so much easier to get into your pose and just click away rather than get up to reset the timer over and over.


Above are affiliate links and I will make a few cents on any products you buy but you will not be charged any more for any of the items.


You want to set your camera in front of your biggest light source. For example, if you have a window with light streaming in you will want to set your tripod in front of the window so you are photographing yourself in the best light. Use the selfie side of your camera so you can see what your pose looks like.


Take another look at your inspiration photo(s) on your phone and then get in position and make any clothing or hair adjustments. TIP: once you start shooting change your hand positions to different angles. Put your hands in your hair, cup your breast, flip your hair across your face, or curve your body more. Subtle changes can make a big difference. Over exaggerate your pose to accentuate your curves more. Example: If you are trying to get a great booty shot pop your booty out even more for exaggeration so your booty stands out more in the photo. Don’t forget to change your facial expression for different looks and it is totally okay to do smiling and laughing photos too! Look away from the camera and also look directly at the camera. variety is key in getting some great photos you will love. 


Take lots and lots of photos. I mean it! Take lots! There will be a few gems in there the more you take. To hide your remote you can hold a bra strap with the same hand as the remote or put your hand in your hair or rest your hand on the bed. Just make sure it looks natural. TIP: delete the outtakes right away. It will be more encouraging if you only see the best ones in view. 

See my behind the scenes video HERE

And here are a few of my own boudoir selfies. If I can do it so can you!

How to take a boudoir selfie with phone
Critsey Rowe of @Coutureboudoir


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