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Call them what you will (pin-ups, glamour shots, sexy pics), but boudoir photographs have been around for more than 150 years and they’re here to stay. Yes, these photos are primarily for you, so that you can feel beautiful and have proof when you’re older that you used to be a sexy young thing! Naturally, though, your guy is also rooting for you to have these photos taken. Here are 10 reasons why he’ll love your boudoir photos.


1. You’re going to look more amazing than you ever thought possible. That’s the power of a makeup artist, hairstylist and photographer, plus professional lighting and top notch editing.

2. Celebrate a milestone of yours, your husband’s or your relationship. Consider having sexy shots taken when you’re planning a wedding, after you find out you’re pregnant, once you’ve lost a little bit of the baby weight, when your guy quits his job to pursue his passion, when you retire – any celebration is a good time to give the gift of gorgeous photos.

3. It’s a natural progression for sexy photos to lead to a sexy time in the bedroom, which is really a gift for both of you, not just your guy.

4. If you’re in a serious, committed relationship, including a marriage, boudoir photos will act as a keepsake years down the line.

5. A committed relationship doesn’t have to equal a boring relationship. If you and your man love sexting and spending naughty nights together, boudoir photos are just another way to celebrate your steamy romance. They’re also a great way to spice up a relationship that’s becoming a little too humdrum.

6. Sure, your guy has tons of hot pictures you’ve snapped of yourself, but professional boudoir photos are much sexier than anything you can take with an iPhone.

7. Let a different side of you out. Dying to show your sexy cowgirl image from your college days in Texas? Have you always fantasized about wearing latex and showing your guy who’s boss? Use the photos to tell a story. Plus, playing dress up may help you come out of your shell a bit during the shoot.

8. You’ll definitely heat up your sex life. The only reason he hasn’t asked you to wear thigh high boots, a corset, fishnets or sexy lingerie in the bedroom is because he didn’t know just how amazing you’d look. Now that he has a visual, he can imagine you looking just as fantastic when you’re both in the same room.

9. The photos are for his eyes only, especially if you don’t hang them in your home but instead give him a private photo book. He’ll love that he has photos of you that nobody else will ever see.

10. There aren’t many men who wouldn’t love sexy photos of their main squeeze. Unless you were going to have a friend snap them for you, which could be awkward, how else would you surprise your guy, though? He’ll appreciate that you hired a pro to do the job.

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  1. Awesome article Critsey! I agree with all the statements. My fiancé LOVES the shots you did of me!!! <3

  2. Amazing shot! But then, I\’ve adored your work for years!