Exhale doubt inhale confidence

I ask a lot of questions and I am always curious why a woman is doing a boudoir session and I am just as curious why women have not done a boudoir session. Over the years I have asked many women about this topic. The reasons for doing a session usually have been:

  • a gift for their significant other
  • celebrating a milestone
  • celebrating getting back in shape
  • documenting before having a baby
  • a gift for themselves and etc…

The reasons for not doing a session are more complicated and way more then I can list but let’s address a few:

  • Need to lose weight first

I get it I really do but this one really should not be the reason any woman would not do a session. You are amazing and lovely just as you are. And besides if you really want to lose ten pounds book a session and use it as a motivator.

  • Scared, nervous “I can’t pose like the women in your photos”.

Can I tell you that 90% of my clients all felt the same way and they are the women in my photos. Everyone gets the jitters and no woman knows how to pose. I show my clients every pose. I make the environment stress free and by the time we are shooting you will totally forget about being nervous. You can ask any of my past clients and they will tell you how easy and fun their shoot was.

  • Single and no one to give the photos to

Let me tell you, THIS is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself. Even my clients that do this for someone else in the end realize how much it means to themselves. It truly is empowering and gives you an outside look at your sensual side.

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