Discovering your self worth through boudoir – Love Notes

I want to share an email I received from a client a few months after her photoshoot. It had me crying my eyes out so buckle up and grab some tissues…

“Dear Critsey,

When I booked my boudoir photo session you asked why I wanted to do the shoot, I said: “just for fun”. That actually was not the whole truth. You see I was going through a very bad breakup after years of being in a toxic relationship with someone that made me feel small, unloved, and unworthy. I lied to myself for years that I could change this person or better yet I could change myself for them. I wanted to do the shoot to prove to myself I am worthy. I am beautiful. I am loved.

After I received my photos I cannot even describe how they made me feel. I cried. The tears were for the girl that let someone else tell her she was nothing. I looked at this beautiful woman in the photos and I did not recognize her. For so long I believed I was ugly and unattractive after being told this every day for years.

I took a deep breath and looked harder and after awhile I began to feel worthy, powerful, and f’ing hot as hell. For the first time in a very long time, I truly felt beautiful. This was a lot for me to process. I admit I struggled to let myself feel this way. I was almost ashamed to let myself feel beautiful. I decided to embrace all the feelings and start to love myself again.

I wanted you to know even though someone may not tell you the whole story of their life when they book you, you are changing lives and maybe sometimes not even knowing it. You changed mine and I will be forever grateful. Ms D”

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