The best groom’s gift | Boudoir Love Notes

I love hearing the stories from my clients of how their groom reacted when receiving the boudoir album they had made for him. The stories are always so great! Everything from jaw-dropping speechless grooms to sweetly emotional grooms.

I especially love hearing that they couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear!

Give him a groom’s gift he will never forget and treasure forever! Contact me for details on my bridal boudoir packages.

“Oh, Critsey! Our wedding day was perfect and the very best part was seeing how much my husband loved my boudoir book! I am pretty sure he had no idea what was coming. He has not stopped referring to his little black book! I asked his best man to give him the book right before the ceremony and to make sure he was the only one in the room with the photographer. I was so nervous about his reaction but it ended up being priceless. He laughed and cried and could not stop saying wow! He literally smiled ear to ear the whole day. This was the best groom’s gift I could have given him. I am so happy about how everything turned out. I also wanted to thank you for all your guidance. You were amazing from the first phone call down to the delivery of my book. Thank you so much! Mrs. S”

Boudoir groom’s gift
Photo credit via client