Boudoir Workshop Las Vegas + Couture Boudoir

Couture Boudoir’s Intimate Las Vegas Workshop Sunday, February 19th, 2012

The workshop will be hands-on with a limited number of attendees to ensure you get individual instruction.

Boudoir X-posed
Critsey Rowe will teach you how to get started building your portfolio. Other topics include: how to market to your past, present, and future clients for boudoir, marketing to clients beyond the wedding market, pricing for boudoir products, what boudoir clients really want, inspiration for posing, and lighting techniques, privacy policies, and model releases. Rowe will also discuss how to obtain locations: including what locations work best, how to get a day rate; and also retouching, actions, and plug-ins will be discussed.

While shooting – learn how to pose clients, use multiple lighting techniques, how to interact with your subject for the best results. Instruction will include inspiration, portfolio building, how to market, use of material and resources, learning the business side of things to include privacy policies, model releases for clients, what clients really want in products, how to sell bigger, post pro, plug-ins and retouching and so much more.

You must have an SLR camera to attend – this is a shooting workshop!

The workshop is $699 and can be paid via Paypal. We will email you a link after you register below.

Questions please contact Cindy at

***There will be a few nice goodies given to each attendee that will be sure to make your day!***

Additional info:

We realize some of the photographers wanting to attend already have portfolios so we will be covering something for everyone.
We will have models at the workshop so the attendees can learn to pose and can build portfolio images – they will be able to use those images on their websites, in portfolios, or however, they wish. Boys and girls are welcome to attend.

Save a link to this site as we will be updating new dates and locations for the Couture Boudoir® Workshop.


  1. You rock! Thanks to you, more people will have access to great boudoir photography! Not sure if they can look as awesome as you made me though… jk 😉

  2. What are the times? thanks!

    • 11am to 7pm because we want to shoot during the day and during the night. If you cannot stay the whole time that is okay…this workshop is longer then most but I wanted everyone to have a chance to shoot different lighting scenarios. If you are a DWF member, A Graphi or Finao client you will receive $100 off the admission to the workshop.