Boudoir Workshop 2012 Montreal Canada


Bienvenue to Boudoir U (Montreal).  We’re spending two intensive days and nights learning from a few of the best boudoir photographers at the W Hotel in Montreal.  It’s a unique event for boudoir photographers. Join us this October 23-24th in Montreal and leave with tips and tricks from some of the best boudoir shooters, marketing methods, and a portfolio to get you started. Participants will benefit from both classroom learning and live shooting with models in one of Montreal’s hottest hotels.

Day 1: Classes are taught by each of our teachers on everything you need to know from booking your clients, marketing, posing, and communication.  You’ll gain knowledge on how to build boudoir photography as an integral part of your revenue stream and how to stand out from the crowd.   Bring any questions you have and something to write with, you’ll be taking a lot of notes!  See below for class topics.

Night 1: In the evening, just like any other student body, we’ll meet for dinner and drinks while our brains soak up the knowledge.  Every good student knows the best way to wind down after a hard class is with a few cocktails.

Day 2: Bright and early in the morning you’ll hit the labs.  We have the hotel’s top suites rented including the extreme-wow room.  Each has a model and mentor to help you shoot.  In small groups, you’ll get to circle through the hotel rooms and photograph each model.  A portfolio like this could take you months to build on your own.  Here you’re shooting hands-on with mentor photographers trying out the methods you learned on the first day.

Night 2: Your final exams.  We’ll meet up in the penthouse.  Each student submits one of their favorite images from that day anonymously.  This is a chance to get an honest critique without the fear of being singled out.  No names are attached, just file numbers.  The teachers will provide any useful advice that they have and a brief opinion.  Each teacher will choose their favorite photograph and the winners get a prize.  More drinks to follow.

Tuition:  $689 until September 25th.  After that, it will be $799.  Limited to 35 participants.


Style & Inspiration 101:

Developing a unique and consistent style of boudoir photography is what truly differentiates you as a photographer in a growing genre of boudoir and glamour photography.  Your style is defined not only by the things that inspire you but also by how you translate inspiration through posing, lighting, and post-production.  We will look at finding inspiration, defining your style, and how to communicate your style consistently from the client experience to marketing to the finished product.  Taught by Mélanie Rebane.

Client Psych 101:

The importance of boudoir, the psychology behind boudoir, and how to make this a life-changing event for women right from the initial interaction. Further, preparing a woman/couple for a session, how to help a client feel comfortable quickly, and posing techniques to make sure clients receive the best photos possible.  Taught by Ewan and Brianna Phelan

Retouch 101:

I’ll be demonstrating easy and effective retouching techniques to make your clients look naturally perfect. I’ll also share tips on slimming and enhancing in all the right places, as well as a simple way to fix sunburns, tan lines, and uneven skin.  Taught by Jennifer Williams

Pricing & Marketing 101:

I will help you define your pricing for sessions, add-on services, upgrades, and selling techniques. I will also talk about style and brand building to help you make the most money in your market and how to appeal to the right clientele Taught by Critsey Rowe.  

Client Prep 101:

While having gorgeous images is the end result, there are numerous steps beforehand to make the experience great for you and your client. I’ll take you into how to prepare your client for their session with a detailed FAQ, prep lists, questionnaires, consultations, and more. Then we will go behind the scenes into a boudoir shoot to discuss the space itself and make the most of any size space, interacting with your client and providing your client with a one-of-a-kind experience they won’t forget!  Taught by Leah Aubrey

Go to the BOUDOIR U WEBSITE to meet the teachers and learn more!