boudoir videography adding something steamy to your boudoir shoot

Have you watched Victoria’s Secret ads and thought to yourself “How freaking hot is that!” They know just how to capture your attention and I found a way to emulate this into a beautiful product just for you! Boudoir video reels.

My video clips are captured seamlessly during your boudoir photo shoot. There is no extra posing or anything to worry about. You do not need to know how to pose or how to act sexy. I think this is every woman’s biggest concern – not knowing how to pose. Don’t worry because I will show you everything to do and it will be a thousand times easier than you can imagine!

Adding a sexy little boudoir video clip to your session may just be the thing that drives your partner wild! Imagine texting them this steamy and seductive reel as a surprise. After they pick their jaw up off the floor they will surely be watching your video over and over.

These videos are tasteful, sensual and will make you feel like a supermodel. They can be as modest or as steamy as you would like. Each boudoir shoot is tailored to each client’s unique style. You will feel comfortable and confident during your session.

Want to see more example reels? Email me and I will share more with you.