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Inspiration is what enhances and evolves your style. It helps you to be unique and leave boundaries behind. Inspiration is everywhere, and if you stay open to finding it even in the most unlikely places it will help you stay creative when a location is difficult and the odds seem against you.

When it comes to looking for inspiration to identify and broaden your voice as a boudoir photographer, don’t just look for inspiration in other photographers’ work, most namely boudoir photographers. This will rather bring you closer to what others do and limit you.  We are exposed to a plethora of imagery every day, and much of it can be inspiring: magazines, advertisements, movies, art, literature, and even the everyday life around us. There is so much I pick up from sources that do not seem to have much to do with boudoir photography.


Light, color, and motion are everywhere. Take pieces of it in and use them for inspiration. A unique pose in a magazine ad, the lighting in a movie scene, a piece of furniture, or even things you might see every day but did not notice before—you just have to look for them. Anything can inspire you to try something new, something unexpected at your next shoot. Try seeing instead of just looking. Analyze and ask yourself how it’s been done. Soon you will find that this becomes second nature to you and constantly happens even when you don’t think about it.

If anything you see pushes your buttons and triggers emotions in you or others, think of how and why this happens. Often you will find those triggers are elements that you can easily incorporate into your work. Colors, relations, contrast, play between foreground and background, arrays of elements. Don’t just take in the details. Look at the whole scene, the mood the feel, as this is something that can vastly enhance your outlook for your next shoot.

Long ago before Pinterest, I assembled a tear sheet portfolio book of magazine editorials and ads to take with me to photoshoots. I used this portfolio as inspiration for creating poses and new ideas. Now with Pinterest, it is easier than ever to create an inspiration board you can easily take with you on your phone. Just remember the inspiration does not need to be boudoir-related to inspire you in some way for your shoot.

If you watch a movie where anything inspires you, try to get hold of it, rent or buy it, watch it again and again, and think of how it can influence your work. Take, for example, the posing in fashion and advertising: It doesn’t matter that the models are fully dressed. Fashion and advertising photography can give you new ideas. Visiting art galleries is another way of getting new impulses and widening the horizon. Paintings can give you a whole new perspective on how things can be seen.

I love going window shopping for inspiration and often find great inspiration at my favorite stores. If I see something that inspires me I take a snapshot with my phone and save it for my next shoot. When you find inspiration, don’t stow it away and forget it. Go through your resources frequently and try to incorporate just a little in every shoot you do.


With a little practice, you will soon find inspiration for your boudoir photoshoots in everyday life. Now go out there and look around! I can’t wait to see what you capture!


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