Boudoir Session Tips

So you’re a little bit nervous about your upcoming session? Well don’t be! It will first of all be lots of fun. You are not only going to feel super sexy and walk away with some of the most amazing images of yourself, you are also going to look back and be like “why the heck was I nervous?”

Still a little nervous? One way to calm your nerves it to bring some Champaign or your favorite wine.
Most photographers do not offer alcohol because of insurance reasons and state laws. In most states you have to have a license to serve alcohol when you are a legal business, but you are free to bring your own.

Now that we have that straightened out let me give you some more advice. Do not drink more then your “tipsy” limit. If this is one drink then stop there. You do not want to be too tipsy that you look that way in your photos.
Only drink enough to loosen you up…and only if you enjoy alcohol and you feel it will make you feel calmer.

Another way to calm your nerves is to bring a friend to your session. Someone that makes you laugh or someone you trust completely and you do not mind them seeing you in your undies.

Practice some facial expressions in the mirror before your session. This will make you more confident in your pouty look or your brilliant smile. Try out a sweet smile showing no teeth but smiling with the corners of your mouth. Also like Tyra says “Smile with your eyes”! There is not a sexier smile then this.

So go get in the mirror and get your sexy on!

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