Boudoir Photos the best Hottest sexiest gift for men

Boudoir Photos, the best Hottest sexiest gift for men. The boudoir photo trend has been around for a while – it started in the 1940s during World War II, when military men had pinups of Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth to brighten their days. During that time, pinup girls were painted on aircrafts for good luck. In the 50s and 60s, Playboy made racy photography even more trendy. The craze died out a little bit during the 1970s, but not for long – today, it’s back in full swing and hotter than ever. Imagine having editorial style images of yourself to give to your guy and to keep forever. One day you will look back and be glad that you did it.

What’s Not to Like About Boudoir Photos?

Being comfortable in front of a camera is empowering for women, and that major boost of confidence comes off as seriously sexy. Plus, what girl wouldn’t love to be a model for a day? After getting pampered and primped, an experienced photographer shoots your best angles in professional lighting – you’ll never imagine how gorgeous you’ll look in them. Remember, you may be doing a boudoir shoot for your guy, but you’re really doing it for you first.

4 Quick Tips For Being Boudoir-Ready

1. Don’t skimp when it comes to your hair, makeup or nails. Ask the photographer if she can arrange for somebody to be on set to beautify you pre-photo shoot. It’s always recommended to have a professional get you camera-ready.

2. You can be sexy without being naked. Likewise, you can be naked and not be very sexy. The only way to ensure you’ll get natural, alluring photos is to be comfortable, whether you’re in lingerie or nothing at all.

3. Having boudoir photos taken does not mean you need to know how model…which is a good thing. You don’t need to know your best angles – that’s why you’ve hired a professional photographer. You’ll be directed to get into different positions, so there’s no need to master poses before the shoot. So don’t worry about watching those project runway reruns.

4. You’re gorgeous, and your photographer agrees. You’re perfect for these boudoir photos as you are and there’s no need to wait until you lose ten pounds, get a tan or grow your hair out. Or five years might just go by and then you will wish you would have done this fives years ago. Just do it. You will not regret it.

Amp Up the Sexiness
It’s hard to imagine a boudoir photo session getting any more steamy, but you can amp up the sex appeal even more by bringing along some props. Would your guy love to see you wearing a pair of sky high stilettos or holding a playful whip? Maybe you want to promote your good girl-turned-vixen image by bringing along a pair of handcuffs and a lace mask. He would not know what hit him.

Power In Numbers
If you’re determined to give your guy a wrapped boudoir photo of you as a gift, but you’re just too nervous to go to the shoot alone, talk to your girl friends – some of them may have the same idea and the same reservations, too. Ask your photographer if you can book a boudoir party for you and your friends! Or, just bring along one trusted pal to stand on the sidelines and cheer you on.


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