Boudoir Photos Are For Any Occasion

When you think boudoir, you probably think about the common practice of brides gifting their grooms a sultry photo album on their wedding night or honeymoon, but boudoir photography isn’t strictly reserved for newlyweds.

A boudoir session is an appropriate, romantic gift to celebrate almost every occasion or relationship milestone!

To celebrate a milestone

  • Birthday
  • First date anniversary
  • Engagement
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Honeymoon
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Maternity 
  • Mother’s/Father’s Day
  • National Girlfriend Day (August 1st)
  • National Boyfriend Day (October 3rd)
  • National Couple’s Day (August 18th)
  • National Wife Appreciation Day (third Sunday of September)
  • National Husband Appreciation Day (April 16th)
  • National I Want You to be Happy Day (March 3rd)
  • Conquering an illness
  • Just to say “I freaking love you!”

For any occasion

Of course, these aren’t the only milestones and occasions for which a boudoir photoshoot would make an excellent gift. There are many lesser-known instances that may not be publicly recognized but that are important to you as a couple! Here are a few examples:

In addition to celebrating “official” dates, many couples celebrate the anniversary of when they first met and do something special to commemorate the impact they have had on one another that they didn’t initially suspect was possible. Gifting your partner a boudoir session is a sweet way to remind them you still adore and admire them as much as you did when you first laid eyes on them!

Change of seasons in life

Some women also use a boudoir session to mark transitional periods in their lives, like before starting a family to memorialize their body as they know it prior to the changes that come with entering motherhood. Many also do maternity boudoir shoots to intimately document the changes of growing a life, as well as postpartum sessions to accept and embrace the transformation their form has undergone. Booking multiple sessions as a maternity series is a thoughtful, tender gift from a father-to-be or a new dad to recognize your female partner for her strength, courage, and sacrifices.

It is an experience

Another great occasion for a boudoir photoshoot? Just because! Just because you want to feel sexy and to celebrate yourself. Give yourself a gift that is like no other experience. You won’t regret it, not even for a second!

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Critsey Rowe, Couture Boudoir’s photographer, is an experienced, internationally published, and respected boudoir photographer who has dedicated her career to helping women feel comfortable and beautiful. With the help of female-only assistants and stylists, Critsey celebrates the uniqueness and intimate beauty of every client and takes truly flattering, tasteful, and gorgeous boudoir photographs.