Boudoir Photography Chic Uptown

The question I get asked most is “Where is your boudoir studio located”? I do not shoot in studio and only shoot on location. If you like what you see in my boudoir portfolio more then likely you will love what I come up with for your photo shoot. I typically book three to four sessions in the same location so it keeps my cost low and I can book a really amazing boutique hotel.

chicago boudoir photography
This gorgeous boudoir photo was taken in uptown Chicago at a boutique hotel. Want to see more? check out my boudoir photography website


  1. I\’ve seen a lot of pictures when it comes to boudoir photography, and I have to say, this angle, this shot, I\’ve never seen anything like it. When I first looked at the picture, although I saw the woman, I immediately tried to figure out what city that was. It hit me right away that it was Chicago. Duh! LOL! I love this shot. Absolutely love it.